What was he Thinking?

It started as a crazy college prank.  It almost cost him his biggest dream and haunted him for 45 years.

What was he thinking?  

The headlines report promising athletes, movie stars and politicians who make regrettable mistakes that ruined their careers.  The list is lengthy including Ray Rice, Gary Hart, Paula Deen, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman),  Mel Gibson, Gary Condit, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pitorious, Aaron Hernandez and, O.J. Simpson.  Others, like Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton and Paris Hilton manage to survive just as serious missteps.

10-minutesHe was small for his age, contracted asthma and tuberculosis living in the dirt and stench of the worst part of town.  At age 3, he and his mom moved in with his great grandparents in a house without running water or electricity.  The future didn’t look very promising

But he overcame those health, economic and family struggles as he started dreaming and working toward a crazy idea that many told him to forget.  

So after all that struggle, why would he risk that crazy dream for a silly prank?  How did he survive the intense scrutiny to win the 1972 Heisman Trophy?

If you follow this blog, you know that I focus on the stories of those who have done what many thought impossible.  In the midst of those great stories, we often find an incident that almost ruined their great accomplishment.  That is Johnny Rodgers’ story.

This week, 10 Minutes of Insanity was released where Johnny tells the entire story from poverty to prank to professional football.  I was privileged to put Johnny’s story into print, interviewing him and shaping his words into the compelling story it is.

My Story

With this project, I’ve done what many doubted I could ever do.  While I’ve written a dozen books, this one will take me much farther than many ever envisioned.  Throughout it all, I’ve had my own 10 minutes of insanity, different from Johnny’s.  His was a misguided prank, mine was a struggle for confidence.  So why did I doubt?  There are a number of reasons and, like Johnny, none of them make rational sense after the fact.

So the question is not just why did Johnny pull that prank.  In reading the book, many will ask themselves why did they made their regrettable mistake.  Readers will ask followup questions, “What will I do now?  Will I give up?  Or will I keep striving for my crazy dream?”

I’ve said it before – everyone is the author of their own story.  Many have compelling stories that others need to hear.  I’m extremely pleased that Johnny’s story is now public.  It is a very powerful story, both entertaining and inspiring.  Go get your copy.  It is that good.  (I would tell you that even if I wasn’t the co-author.)

The Untold Story

Unfortunately, many of those stories are never told.  Some are too embarrassed by their own 10 Minutes of Insanity.  Others doubt they did anything worthy of a story.  Still others don’t think they have the time, energy or money.

I know many will read 10 Minutes of Insanity and find the answer of why Johnny pulled that regrettable prank.  But I’m confident that they will also learn much more about that little boy who beat 2 million to 1 odds to sign the first (or at least one of the first) million dollar contract in professional football.  It is very inspirational and entertaining.

Imagine that young boy or girl, that teenager or college student who reads this book and then avoids their critical mistake.  Yours could have the same impact.  Imagine how their lives will be better by having read about your dreams, challenges, mistakes and ultimate success.

Wouldn’t the world be a little better if you told your story?

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