What is that Special Ingredients to Create Engaged Employees?



“This is no ordinary pumpkin pie.  What is the special ingredient?”pie-pumpkin

Just like a great recipe, the difference between ordinary, somewhat disengaged workers and a disruptive team  is that special ingredient that many leaders haven’t discovered or don’t take the time to add to their leadership recipe.

In my study of disruptive leaders, I have noticed one critical ingredient that is missing from many organizations – gratefulness.  When we learn to integrate that one special ingredient, we soon have employees raving about the result.

There are 3 steps to adapting our current recipe.  Gratefulness, i.e. a spirit of Thanksgiving requires noticing, complementing and showing.  Let me explain.

First:  Notice

people_pyramid_small_1600_clr_11838Employees are begging for their supervisors, managers and organizational leaders to notice what they do best.  Every day, they come to work and do what is expected.  Yet, too many times, they do not hear the appreciation that they desire.  They want someone to notice the small things they do that make the big things happen.  They want to know that what they do is important.  Many employees want someone to notice that they have potential to do more than the same tactical job they were hired to do.  They want someone to notice how much more valuable they could be to the organization.  

While a Thanksgiving lunch is nice and a few comments a year are appreciated, the first insider secret is that employees need to be noticed every day.

We can be disruptive leaders, even if we do not have the official position as an organization leader to radically change the culture of the organization simply by noticing.  Noticing is a purposeful, proactive choice we make to see what we have previously ignored or overlooked.  It is a strategic action we take, appreciating not only the skills they possess but the attitude which they display to go beyond the minimum.

Second:  Complement the_little_people_count_1600_clr_16455

It can be a small and simple statement but, if authentic, could make the critical difference.  Unfortunately  it is often so overlooked, ignored and considered unnecessary.

As an organizational leader, we have the power to elevate individuals with a simple “thank you.”  Noticing  the little things, especially something very few others notice, and then complementing the employee on it does even more.  It launches them into another world.  Too often leaders give notices, putting the employee on alert that something bad might be coming.  Imagine the difference for an employee if they are complimented instead of threatened.  Imagine how that elevates them in their own mind.  Imagine how that boosts their confidence.  Now imagine how that builds a rapport and trust with them.

Third:  Show

stick_figure_bonus_1600_clr_6848It is one thing to have a position of power but it is another to have the power to reward those around us.  Noticing and complimenting are good but words are forgotten if appropriate action is not taken.  Show them you noticed.  Thank them for their attitude and behavior.  But then go further.  Show how you can help them get what they want.  No one is really working just for the company.  We have our own goals and aspirations.  Show them your gratefulness by doing something that is in their best interest.

Some might think that is crazy.  But my study of disruptive leaders show that those leaders who notice, compliment and unselfishly help their employees get what they want have happier workers that are more productive.  Happier employees then build more cohesive teams willing to tackle any seemingly impossible task.  That means higher performance, better production and a more profitable business.

Isn’t that the story all employees all want to tell?

Isn’t that what every disruptive leader wants?  

Be Boldly Grateful

Be Decisive and Determined

Become the Disruptive Leader

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