How Can You Lead a Peaceful Disruption?

This may be the most important question I’ve asked all year.

Can you lead a peaceful disruption?  Doesn’t disruption demand conflict?

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m passionate about helping you become the disruptive leader.  I want everyone to step up and make the bold decision to make a radical change in their perspective, mindset and action.  There are so many phenomenal opportunities available that we are crazy NOT to pursue at least one of them.

But can disrupt with any sense of peace?  

Disruption is just that, disruptive.  It shatters a lot of peace we have in our businesses.  We upset the market and demand changes from a lot of people.

But if we do it right, we can have a peace that passes all rational understanding.  Out lives don’t have to be in turmoil, nor do our customers and followers have to suffer.  Radical change can be peaceful.


PeacefulDisruptionLet’s start by disrupting that notion of peace?

Redefine peace as “your ultimate state of harmony.”  ‘sorry if that doesn’t sound enough business like but hang with me, I’ll get you there.  Peace is that place where you know you are living according to your purpose and striving for what you ultimately want.  Peace is having a strong strategic plan, a cohesive and talented team who are willingly working together to do what others could not imagine is possible.  Peace is leading others with an idea that will make an incredible difference in the world around you.  You know that everything is not perfect, in fact, you know that everything is still changing and many things yet to be decided but there is a sense that everything fits together.

That is the peace of a disruptive leader.

In the midst of a world where we are part of making rapid and radical change,we live in quiet harmony.  That is peace.  

But there is also peace for those whose world you are disrupting.  The change to their world doesn’t have to involve conflict but instead be quietly solving their problems with new products and services that they welcome.

That is peace.  When you bring that peace to others, it is a peaceful disruption.  

Too many see business, leadership and disruption as a battle for scarce resources and clients.  But for the disruptive leader who is at peace, there is no need for violence.   The game slows down as competitors flail wildly against both real and imagined enemies.  Meanwhile you know there is no need to engage them.  You peacefully step around them on your way to your ultimate goal, avoiding the unnecessary drama.  You watch the trends, see the opportunities and enjoy the results.

There are times where you must do battle but even then, you have a sense of harmony in knowing who you are, where you are going and what difference you make and why that matters to those that you serve.

We live in peace while making the disruption that others welcome.  In the end, people welcome the disruption in part because it improves their lives without the unnecessary drama.  When you live at peace with the valuable disruption you make, others are able to live in peace.  

Can there be anything better than that?

There are 5 tips to being that peaceful disruptive leader.

Peace is purposeful.  Know where you are ultimately going.

Peace is eternal when it becomes a habit, lifestyle and plan in business.  You will always have it.  Make peace your plan.  

Peace is accessible when we realize that it is internal and not just external.  We don’t have to wait for the perfect time or the right circumstances but we can access it at any time by refocusing on that point of harmony.  Access your peace.

Peace is central to our disruption when we are confident and focused on what we ultimately want.  But if we are not settled or focused we have no peace and can have no disruption.  Find your focus.

Peace is the energy we need to make the ultimate disruption. Conflict saps our energy while harmony magnifies it.  You know how this works.  Once you realize what you ultimately want and identify with the disruption you intend to make, you are filled with immense energy.  No one has to tell you to go to work or to work harder.  No one can tell you when to stop.  You are pushed but pulled to the idea.  It isn’t work – it’s fun!   Energize yourself, team and market.  

As we bring 2016 to a close, I realize this year has been filled with a contentious presidential election.  In the midst of national and world drama, I wish each of you that peace that passes all rational understanding.  May you find the disruption you ultimately want to make, the collaborative team that makes it possible and a time in 2017 where you realize your wildest dreams.

Join me as we continue this disruptive conversation, equipping you to to lead a world of disruptive change.  Thank you for following me.

Be Bold 

Be Decisive

Become the Peaceful Disruptive Leader

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