Will You Make the BOLD Decision to Disrupt Your World in 2017?

Is this the year you make the bold move?

It could be if you have the courage to make it happen.  But I have to be honest with you.  Most will never do it.  They will find some reason to step back and play it safe.  And then, as we celebrate another New Year bringing in 2018, they will be asking the same question.

Let’s stop this NONSENSE.  

Let’s make the BOLD move that will make 2017 our disruptive year.  Are you an organizational leader looking to make the bold leap in your career?  Are you working in Human Resources and want to leverage your leadership beyond your current position?  Are you an entrepreneur that is tired of the usual success?

If so, here are four steps to make your BOLD move possible.

First, be BOLD – Brash and Brilliantsmiley-150663_1280

To be bold is to be a little irreverent, breaking the rules to do what you know is the brilliant move.  Being bold is having that energy, passion and willingness to step outside the bounds of normality.  The bold move says, “This sucks.  I’m taking a different approach and making something far better”

Here is a bold thought – Maybe you have not made your bold move because you are afraid to offend someone.  Being nice is good but you will NEVER create a radical change unless you are willing to knock down a few doors and tip over some established tables.  (Figuratively speaking of course.)

STOP playing it safe.  Bold action is required.  Quit putting that bold dream on hold because you are trying to please others.  Be a little BRASH but be brilliant about it.  Develop your strategy to do what others never thought possible.

Are you willing to be Brash, Brilliant and Bold in 2017?   

Second, be BOLD– Outrageously Optimisticmlk

People like Martin Luther King, Jr, Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey heard the same message over and over, “That will never work.” But they build a team and keep pushing forward.  Why?  Because they saw the incredible possibilities and, maybe even more important, the potential problems with not doing anything.  They know that unless they make the BOLD move, bigger problems will come.

Disruptive leaders follow the trends and forecast the opportunities.  They also forecast the catastrophes caused from failing to take decisive action.  They dare to preempt problems that leave us saying, “I wished I had known.”

Are you willing to focus on the positive even when everyone else sees the negative?  

Third, be BOLD – Large

Johnny Rodgers, the 1972 Heisman Trophy winner tells his audiences,

“If you can accomplish your dream all by yourself – it just isn’t big enough.”  

He won back to back national championships in college football and johnny-one-handed-catchthen won the Heisman the next year.  But you cannot win those things by yourself.  It takes a strong team.  In co-authoring his story, 10 Minutes of Insanity, I saw how they held each other to incredibly high standards  because they had large dreams and goals.  For example, as receivers, they adopted the notion that if they even got a finger on the ball, they were expected to catch it.  There was none of the usual excuses, “it was too high” or “it was thrown too hard.”


Because he had large goals and had a team that was just as outrageously optimistic.  They thought and played large.

Is your bold 2017 move large enough? 

Fourth, be BOLD – Daring and Demanding

boldpowersmallAnyone who watched Johnny play knew that he was daring.  He likes to say that on the field, and off, he was willing to try anything twice. As a punt returner, Johnny NEVER fair caught a punt.  He always returned it, even when 99% of other returners would have played it safe.  That made him a special player on the field but that same attitude got him into trouble off the field.  One night, he planned and pulled off a daring prank that he has been paying for ever since.  It was not only daring, you might say it was down right stupid.  That would be alright since he says the same thing.

So why would I tell you that?  Why wouldn’t I just tell you to be bold and end on a positive note?

Because to be BOLD means you have to hold yourself to a higher standard.  Anyone can make a brash move, being irreverent and scoffing in the face of authority.  But that is STUPID not SMART.

Being BOLD is strategically planning and stubbornly sticking to the plan.  It is not being distracted and held bay by  those that don’t have your brilliant idea or visionary insight.  You have weighed the costs and considered the many options but have proceeded from a rational approach.  You are NOT pulling an ego filled prank.  This is serious business where you know the consequences.

Are you daring enough to hold yourself to a higher standard?  


Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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