What will happen if you don’t write your book in 2017?

I hear the excuses every day.

  • “I don’t have the time.”
  • “I don’t have the energy.”
  • “I cannot afford the expense.”
  • I don’t have anything that people would want to read.”

Many business, civic and religious leaders say they want to write their story in a book but think it is impossible because of the reasons listed above.  The reasons, i.e. excuses, they offer seem valid but what really happens is that they miss an incredible opportunity.

They miss an opportunity to establish their credibility, richard-bransonbuild an audience, connect with their fans, make sense of the past, define their thinking and clarify their vision. They miss an opportunity to shape and leave their legacy.  
Richard Branson wrote his autobiography “Losing My Virginity:  How I Survived, had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way” and it became an international bestseller.  Fans wanted to know more about his perspective on business and life.  Entrepreneurs wanted an insight into his disruptive business philosophy, strategy and tactics.  Business professionals wanted to understand him and other disruptors better so they could strength their businesses.  I know why I picked it up.  I wanted to learn more about his thinking, how it was developed and how he overcame incredible challenges.

What would have happened if he had not written his book?  

How would fans have heard his story?  How would he have inspired them to do more?

Sure he could have done speeches or video. But books (either hardcover, paperback or eBooks) give us more of the story.  It would take hours of podcasts to do the same thing.  Writing a book was the best way to share his story.

But many don’t understand the value of their story.  They don’t think they have any fans and surely no audience that would want to buy their book.  I think they are mistaken.  Are you one of them?

What will happen if You never write Your book this year?

humble-homesteadersYou have heard me say it before.  I am very fortunate that my parents lived into their 90s because it took me that long to have the sense to write their book.  They never thought they did anything worthy of a book.  Neither did I.  After all, they were just simple farmers raising a family.  They were no Richard Branson.  I didn’t start the project thinking it would be a book.  I just wanted to capture some of their stories.

But then something special happened.  One story led to another and then to another and to another.  I soon found that sharing their story was very important to them.  They loved reliving their lives, giving meaning to events that others might not understand.  This became far more than what we all ever imagined.

Once it was done, they could see how their story and the stories of their parents and ancestors was now in one place.  Their great grandchildren, yet to be born or even thought of, would one day have an opportunity to read their story and see the photos.  They could now share their story for generations to come.

But they couldn’t have done it just one year later.  Mom aged enough in that following year where she could not have provided the stories.  In just one year’s time, much of the book would have been lost.

I wondered how much better the book would have been if I had written it one year sooner?  Or what if I had written it 10 or 20 years sooner?

You cannot wait.  There is too much to lose.  

But for me as the author, it became the most profound thing I had ever done.  Having spend over a year listening, reading, wondering, asking, writing and rewriting, I now had a better understanding of I have become.  Their history was my history.  On a very profound level, I understood the legacy that I had been left.

I am so glad that I took the initiative to ask the questions and then to put it all in a book.  I hate to think what would have been missed if I had used any of the tired excuses and not written that book.  

What are you missing if you never write your book?

What will  others miss if you never write your book?

What will people in the future miss if you don’t write your book now?

Be Bold

Be Decisive and Determined

Become the Disruptive Leader

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