8 Ways to DISRUPT Your Personal Leadership

Let’s make 2017 our best year imaginable as a leader. Let’s unleash the ultimate performance, production and profits in ways that many would think is impossible.

Isn’t that what DISRUPTION is all about?  

To disrupt in our professional lives, we start by DISRUPTING old practices, patterns and perspectives in our personal lives.

Yes, you read that right.  Professional change starts when we disrupt our personal lives.  I know the old Industrial Model says, “leave your problems at the door” but let’s be real.  If we are unhappy in our personal lives, we are not leading very well.  

So let’s start by  identifying 8 ways to disrupt.  Over the next 8 posts we will examine these in more depth before examining how to disrupt your professional leadership.    eight-ways-to-disrupt-your-personal-leadership

  1.  Career – Reconsider your career strategy or goals.  Which ones are you willing to disrupt?
  2. Body – The new year is always a good time to disrupt the way you look.  How can that make a difference professionally by changing the way you look and feel physically?
  3. Mind – New Year’s is also a good time to disrupt old patterns of thinking.  What opportunities will emerge when you look at things differently?
  4. Attitude – It is amazing how just changing the calendar can help change your attitude.  What personal attitudes could use a disruption to improve your professional leadership?
  5. Priorities –  What really matters most to you personally?  Maybe 2017 is the perfect time to reconsider what you used to think was most important.
  6. Family – Who means the most to you?  How can you gain strength from them to lead?
  7. Friends – Sometimes friends are not good for us.  Other times we can’t live without them.  What disruptions could you make in your friendships that will change how you lead at work?
  8. Fun – I know work is serious stuff but are you enjoying life?  If not, maybe you need to disrupt something.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the DISRUPTIVE Leader in 2017

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I  think and work differently to help aspiring and emerging leaders become disruptive leaders.  One decision I help them make is in writing their weekly blog, articles, white papers, online courses and a book.  Another way is challenging them to disrupt their organizations, careers and personal lives.  If you are bold enough to reach for what seems impossible to others, contact me today.

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