3 Tips to Disrupt your Body in 2017

Brent Gleeson , a former Navy Seal, shows leaders how physical fitness helps them develop energy, confidence, mental awareness and creativity to increase productivity and influence in facing challenges.

Let’s face it, when we look and feel good, we are more positive and are willing to take on new challenges.  Others want to follow us when we feel that good.

But when we let ourselves go, gain weight or stop exercising, we are more depressed and lethargic.  Who wants to follow us then?

Here are 3 tips to disrupting your body in 2017.

First, Strengthen Your Bodybodybuilder-646482_1920

Strengthening your body is pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone so you can do more.  This requires nutrition, exertion and elimination.

What are you using to fuel your body?  The old adage is “garbage in, garbage out.”  The elite athlete knows to restrict foods that don’t provide good fuel because they cannot perform at the elite level eating garbage foods.

What are you doing to discipline your body, pushing it beyond your comfort zone? I’ve learned that good training involves a variety of runs.  Some days I do intervals, alternating between sprinting and walking.  Other days I do a medium run and once a week a long run.  One day a week I do strength training.  What do you need to do to strengthen your muscles as a leader?

What are you purposely eliminating from your diet and daily habits that doesn’t give you a good R.O.I.?  A high sugar or fat diet does not produce the best results so they may be the first to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce.  What do you need to add or eliminate from your diet to lead better?

Second, Stretch Yourselfwoman-stretching

Ten years ago I met Eric Wilson of A & E Massage.  But don’t let the word “massage” mislead you.  Eric uses Active Isolated Stretching to help me do more that I imagined.  He has taught my wife and I how to stretch to get the most out of our muscles as well as eliminating pain from misused or underused muscles.

One day on the way to a joint appointment, I asked my wife what she really wanted to be able to do physically.  Without batting an eye, she said, “I want to do the splits like I did in high school as a cheerleader.”  I encouraged her to tell Eric that.  Two sessions later, yes, just two sessions a week apart, he had her doing the splits as well as she did in high school.  (For my own safety, I will not tell you how many decades it had been since her high school days.:-)  Stretching isn’t necessary pleasant but the result is.

What will you do to stretch both your body and your life to lead better?

Third, Straighten Your Bonescervical-spine-1129431_1280

Chiropractors are great for keeping the spine aligned.  If your back is out, you lose considerable energy and mobility.  That is because the spine is the nerve pathway and pinched nerves are both painful and debilitating.

I have found that by strengthening and stretching my muscles, it is easier to keep my bones aligned.  When necessary, I go for an alignment to keep performing at a high level.

Are you out of alignment physically?  How much more energy will you have once you are in alignment?  How will that give your more energy, confidence and willingness to disrupt?

Watch for my next post where I’ll be discussing how to disrupt your mind in 2017.

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