Leadership Lessons in Trump’s First Week

Whether you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump, there are many leadership lessons to discuss from his first week in office.

This post isn’t designed to debate Trumps’ actions but rather to illustrate lessons we can learn to leverage our leadership power more effectively.  It doesn’t matter whether we are executives, managers, human resources or entrepreneurs, we can all learn something from these lessons.  reminder

Let’s take a look.

  1.  Radical change brings intense opposition.
  2. Conflict fosters competition more than collaboration. Change creates conflict.  Make sure the disruptive change is worth the conflict.
  3. The way something is said is often more important than what is said.  Be compassionate in how you connect with others.
  4. More can be done with the media as friends than as enemies.
  5. There can be a difference of opinion but seldom is there a disagreement on the facts.  When there is, there will be no peace.
  6. As a leader, you are not always right – even if you are, you cannot say it.
  7. Allies are critical to success.
  8. Your first step sets the tone for how others will relate to you.
  9. To disrupt, it is best to find common ground and build from there.
  10.  Appeasing your enemy does not make them your friend.
  11. There will always be poor losers.
  12. As a leader or a follower, you can never innovate or disrupt all by yourself.  Build a strong team.
  13. Play for the long-term but have a good short-term policy.
  14. It is rarely as bad as the opposition claims or as good as supporters believe.
  15. Communication is the negotiation of shared meaning – not just speaking.
  16. A leader’s style often forecasts the end result.
  17. Begin with the end in mind but be ready to change strategies when necessary.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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