10 Tips to Prevent Your Leadership from Causing a Family Disruption?


Leading disruptive innovation at work often puts strains on your family at home.

If you a manager, you know that you can easily put in 50 or 60 hour weeks.

If you are a entrepreneur, you know your work is never done, hoping for just an  hour week.

study  by the Harvard Business Review and Stanford showed that stress at work can be just as harmful as second-hand smoke.

Here are 10 tips to help prevent any unnecessary family disruption.

Tip #1.  Create a Realistic Vision at Work

If you are a leader, you have choices.  Yes, the organization sets the culture but you have choices you can make and one of them is creating a realistic vision for what success looks like.   I’m a big believer in creating disruptive products, services and processes but  also know that even machines need time for maintenance.

Tip #2.  Strategize Balance at Work

Leadership no longer follows the “work them until they expire” model popular in the Industrial Age.  As a disruptive leader, work with your team to help them be balanced at work and also balance their work with their family life.  If they are not happy at home, they won’t be productive at work.  If they are not happy at work, they definitely won’t be unleashing the ultimate performance, production and profits.

Tip #3.  Delegate at Work

What can you delegate that you have been doing yourself?  Delegation is a great opportunity to grow your team and, if done well, give you an opportunity to not just take on bigger projects but also dedicate more time to your family.

Tip #4.  Create a Vision with Your Family

Many leaders feel torn between the demands of work and those of the family.  This can be alleviated to some degree by sitting down as a family and establishing what everyone wants family life to look like.  Let everyone have their undisputed vision.  Honor it, even if it is a bit unrealistic.  Write it down in a place everyone can see it.

Tip #5.  As a Family, Strategize a Plan

Now comes the hard work.  Ask, “For these visions to happen, what action must happen?  Who needs to take that action?”  Again, let everyone have their say without argument.

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Tip #6. Agree on the Priorities

By now you will be seeing conflicting visions and actions.  As a family, ask, “What is most important?”  Rank order the actions, careful to respect the value each has on those actions.  Be careful not to dictate but instead facilitate.

Tip #7.  Establish Why

Family members, like employees, often disengage when they don’t know or accept why something has to be done a different day.  Again, as a facilitator, help everyone articulate why a particular action should be a priority.

Tip #8.   (I love this one).  Tell Stories

Nothing brings people to life more than a good story.  As a family, start telling stories.  If at all possible, and I know this is often considered an impossible and archaic practice, have one meal together every day.  Put aside the phones, tv and other distractions and tell the stories of your day.   This may mean returning to Tip #6 and disrupting your priorities.

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Tip #9.  Cultivate the Habit of Listening

There is something very powerful that happens when someone feels another has listened and validated them.  Listening is shutting up and connecting.  It is hearing from the perspective of the other person.  Listening is allowing the other person to be their own person without judgment.  It is one of the most powerful things a leader can do but one of the most common omissions among leaders.  Listen often.  Listen carefully.  Listen unselfishly.

Tip #10.  Keep Your Promises

As a leader it is up to you to make sure the plan is put into action and that it becomes habit.  That means keeping your promises.  There will be exceptions but the exceptions should never ruin the plan.  If the plan is unworkable, then revise the plan  with your family  and work team.

Bonus Tip.  Never Sacrifice Your Priorities

Family is important, often critical to our success.  Appreciate them.  Make them a priority that you will never, ever sacrifice.  Things come up but if your family is a priority, they will know it and together, you will find a way to make a plan that works.

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