Do You Dare Disrupt Your Priorities for 2017?

Exercise was never a priority for me.  So I did what people do, exercising only when I felt like it.  Most days, of course, I didn’t feel like it.

But then my wife suggested something that changed my priorities.

“There are several people in the office that will be running the Gasparilla 5K this year.  I’m thinking of doing it.  What do you think?

“I thought you couldn’t run with asthma.”

“That is what the doctor told me 30 years ago but I’m not convinced.  Other people do it.”

“I’m game if you are.”

why-1780726_1280Why did we change our priorities?  

Understanding our “Why” is critical to disrupting our priorities.  Funny thing is, we didn’t entirely know all of our reasons when we started.

  • We started because it sounded like fun.
  • Running that 5K was enticing for my wife because it included her in a group activity at work.
  • We knew the health benefits would be worth the effort.
  • Besides, we were ready for a new challenge.

So we found one of those “couch to 5K programs” since we couldn’t run 3 blocks much less 3.1 miles.  We trained and loved how we started seeing the results.  We couldn’t wait for our first race.

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That is when we discovered the “runners high.”  We arrived to find a whole new world marked by 14,000 runners excited about what they could do.  The elite runners were up front, experienced ones directly behind followed by a mixture of beginners, casual runners as well as walkers and even people pushing strollers.  Together there was a buzz that we never expected but quickly loved.   That gave us one more reason.

Getting a finisher’s medal was a nice reminder that we could display and remind ourselves of what we had accomplished.  Of course, sharing our activities and results on Facebook brought a lot of accolades.  Everyone appreciates recognition.

But then found something even more profound and compelling.  As I pushed myself to do what I had never done before, I found myself thinking, “I want to see how far and how fast I can run.”

That meant disrupting my priorities again.finishspent

After a few years of running 5Ks, we pushed ourselves to run our first 10K and then several 15Ks.  As we pushed ourselves, we ended the race spent.  But that was ok because, even though our bodies were exhausted, we knew we had reached a new level.  That made it easier to disrupt our priorities again so now we are running a half marathon (13.1 miles) while training for our first full marathon (26.2 miles) early next year.

I would have never considered this possible before running that first 5K.

Disruption is  addictive.

One disruption leads to another.  Doing what we thought was impossible leads to wanting to do it again and again while others think your are NUTS.

In business, when we lead disruption that brings a nice profit and market recognition, creating a desire to disrupt our priorities again and again and again.

disrupt2017solarflareFind your Why?

As leaders of business, we often challenge by disrupting our priorities.  As entrepreneurs, managers in marketing, R&D and Human Resources, we also challenge ourselves by disrupting our own priorities.  As we look at 2017, we probably have already set our goals for the year and are well into our strategy.  But only a month in, maybe it is appropriate to re-examine our priorities.

  • What do you see that is possible in 2017 that wasn’t before?
  • What is interesting that you would like to explore?
  • What challenge have you dismissed because you didn’t think it possible before?

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the DISRUPTIVE Leader in 2017

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I  think and work differently to help aspiring and emerging leaders become disruptive leaders.  One decision I help them make is in writing their weekly blog, articles, white papers, online courses and a book.  Another way is challenging them to disrupt their organizations, careers and personal lives.  If you are bold enough to reach for what seems impossible to others, contact me today.

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