Do You Have the Attitude for Disruption in 2017?

Give me some Attitude!

You know what I mean.  I’m not talking about some compliant, buckling under agreement.  No, I’m talking ATTITUDE!

If you are going to do what others think is impossible, it takes some real GUTS.  Bucking the system will demand everything you have and if you approach it without the necessary chutzpah, you will get run over.  It has to be that New York City, in-your-face, “I can do anything” type of attitude that isn’t really concerned about what other people think.

It is not the typical attitude that corporations foster.  

Any leader who wants to disrupt their world must have that POSITION, POINT OF VIEW and POSTURE.   We must develop the CHARACTER, DEMEANOR and MINDSET to take on the established world.

richard-bransonRichard Branson has it.  That is why he could start an airline named VIRGIN and take on the world leader, British Airways.  Without that brash attitude, he would have likely wilted in the face of adversity.  (Note:  in Disruption we always face immense adversity.)

But notice that disruptive attitude isn’t the defiant teenage rebel.  It isn’t out to destroy the establishment but to improve upon it.  Shirley Chisholm

Shirley Chisholm had to have it in order to become the first African-American congresswoman in 1968.  No one invited her to disrupt that good ole boys network and she couldn’t have done it if she wasn’t willing to use the political system.

Cesar Chevez transformed the world of farm workers with an attitude of  persistence, hard cesar-chavezwork, faith and willingness to sacrifice.  While others promoted violence to disrupt, he chose a peaceful path, choosing to fast on several occasions.  This displays an attitude that is uncompromising in lofty goals but also in moral ethics.

The attitude to disrupt is DETERMINED, BOLD and CREATIVE.  It is willing to break the rules – but only to make improvements.

Do you have it?

Do you want it?

Are you willing to develop it?  (Yes, it can be developed.  To find out how, contact me today.)  If you are an entrepreneur, manager or Human Resource professional that wants to develop this attitude in your team, CONTACT ME TODAY.


Be Decisive

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