3 Warning Signs of an Impending Disruption

Is your life about to be disrupted?

Is your job about to be eliminated?

Is your industry becoming obsolete?

Whether we are a leader or employee, disruption is a fact of life that we will have to deal with very soon.  We all know the world is changing radically and  rapidly.  The iphone was introduced 10 years ago and transformed our world.  But look ahead and we can at least double that amount of change in the next decade.

What affect will that change have on our organizations?

“The average lifespan of a s&P 500 company has decreased from 67 years in the 1920s to 15 years today.”  

Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations (2014)

We can forecast the disruption based on our reaction to three components:  comfort, predictability and safety.  Let’s take a look.

Comfort:  The First Sign

We all enjoy being comfortable.  Actually, that is what we work so hard to achieve.  But the dirty secret to this Sharing Economy is that we cannot be comfortable for too long or someone else will come in and offer a product or service that is better, faster or cheaper.  Comfort comes when we have worked long and hard enough to bring us to a point where life is predictable and safe.  We can easily forecast the opportunities, seize them and enjoy them at that stage.Comfort (2)

Someone is working right now to disrupt you, your position and your organization if you are so comforatable that you are resisitng disruption.  Does that describe you at work?  If so, don’t be surprised if your job is automated, outsourced or eliminated soon.

Are you so comfortable that you resist disrupting?

Predictability:  The Second Sign

Predictability is nice because we can plan ahead and accurately see whether something will be successful or not.  The problem is that we are in a world of not only increasily rapid change but world altering radical change.  It is as one older friend said a few years ago, “It is not just trying to keep up with change, I no longer know what where the change is going.  I have no clue what the world is becoming.”  What we used to be able to predict accurately is no longer reliable.  chess_strategy_1600_clr_9372.png

Are you predictable in your behavior?

Warning:  Disruptive leaders automate once they find a predictable pattern.  You can avoid the negative consequences by willingly leaving your comfort zone, entering the world of unpredictability to prepare for the unexpected.

Are you comfortable with uncertainty?  

Safety:  The Third Sign 

Thinking about that uncomforable and unpredictable work might be unsettling.  You might not feel safe.  Fear may paralyze you.  Radical change does that to us.  Those that refuse to act unless they feel safe are often the ones that hold back progress, insisting on the old way because they are too fearful about moving forward.fear

Warning:  Those prioritizing safety are usually left fearing the immediate consequences of disruption.  Meanwhile disruptive leaders strategically work to live with fear by developing their options in any circumstance.

Are you so fearful of change that you hold back progress?  

If so, somebody is already working to disrupt your influence and you won’t like it.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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