What’s Preventing Your Breakthrough?

We all want it. We want that breakthrough that sets us apart in our career, business or industry.  We want to cut through the clutter and get the attention, accolades and the position that allows us the influence and income to live our lives the way we want.  We don’t want to be mired in mediocre, overlooking for being ordinary.

In my coaching, speaking and research, I have found that most never break through because of 9 different factors. They might just lack one of these or, in rare cases, all nine.  Look them over and identify which one is the biggest barrier to your breakthrough. Follow this blog in the coming weeks to see how each works in different ways to keep you and your team imprisoned in “Ordinary.”

1. Desire

How bad do you want it? Many say they want a breakthrough but it isn’t very high on their list of priorities then complain if it never materializes.  Prioritize your breakthrough.

2. Visiontarget-1955257_1920

What does you breakthrough look like?  Those that make a breakthrough have painted a graphic picture in their minds of where they want to do and where they want to go.  That vivid image drives their desire and pushes them to work harder.  Envision your breakthrough.

3. Purpose

How will this breakthrough change your life? Once we know our “why?” we find our drive.  Without that “why?” we tend to coast, living off what we are given instead of what we really want.  Know your purpose.

4. Confidence

Do you believe your breakthrough will actually happen? Deep down, many doubt their breakthrough is “in the cards, ” so they never take the bold action needed for a breakthrough.  Meanwhile those disruptors are confident that, if they are disciplined and keep working, they will eventually break through.  Develop your confidence.

5. Compelling Motivation

What will keep working until you breakthrough? Breakthroughs are riddled with failure and frustration. Ask any scientist, inventor or writer. That big success takes overcoming many struggles.  A critical component is trying again, getting back up after falling down, continuing to write and resubmit after a rejection.  Maintain your motivation.

6. Energyfuel-gauge-408333_1920

Do you have the energy to breakthrough? Many claim they don’t have the time or energy to breakthrough.  They are too tired, exhausted from the daily grind of putting out fires.  However, disruptive leaders know what is important and purposely direct the needed energy to the project. Fuel your breakthrough with the energy it needs.

7. Principle

Is it right for me to breakthrough? This is a serious question that holds many back but that most won’t articulate.  They don’t believe it is right for them to do better than others or that they fear the consequences of the breakthrough. Identify the value to others of this breakthrough. 

8. Team

Who have you solicited to help you break through? Many biographies overemphasize the individuality of great leaders, inventors and athletes.  Look closer and we see that every person who has done great things had a great team behind them.  They learned from great leaders and had great support. Like we have heard, “if you can accomplish your goal all by yourself, it is too small.”  Build your breakthrough team.

9. Processstrategy-1080533_1920

Do you know how you are going to breakthrough? Any real success comes from following a process. It’s not luck. In business we call that strategy yet only 3% write down their strategy.  Define the Process – Write out your Strategy.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Breakthrough and Become the Disruptive Leader

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to breakthrough and become disruptive leaders, doing the impossible by changing the paradigm of their thinking and telling powerful stories.  If that is your desire, contact me today.

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