5 Secrets to Get You Motivated and Stay That Way through Your Breakthrough

I really don’t feel like writing this blog right now. It would be a lot eassier to pick up a book, check my email or make a phone call. But that isn’t what I need to do to make my breakthrough.

This is the fifth article in the series, “What is preventing your breakthrough?” In this article, I illustrate 5 secrets I have found to make my breakthrough. Since I’m a little less than motivated this morning, let me use examples from my running to make my points.

1. Foucus on What You Ultimately Want

Breakthrough success comes when we know what we really want. (We talked about that in the second post of this series.) Since writing my first book, “Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business” I have been focused on helping individuals and organizations make their breakthrough. In the process, my wife and I started running. I am not a fast runner nor do I find running easy. It is a lot of hard work and comes with physical discomfort. So why do I do it? Because working to see how far and how fast I can run pushes me to do what I never thought possible. As I write this, my goal is to run a full marathon next January. Why? Because that is the ultimate in my mind. For me to say I have run a marathon says that I pushed myself far beyond what I ever expected when I started running 5Ks. Yes I will enjoy the praise on facebook and in person but the real benefits is in building my confidence. (As we discussed in the last article.) (Notice that this tip is similar to the first point in finding your breakthrough. That is no accident. Motivation is a critical component of our breakthrough).

Motivational Tip #1: Write it down. What do you really want? 

#2. Feel the Pain & the Shame

What will happen if you never make that breakthrough? What pain will you experience? What frustration will you have to live with? What pleasure will miss out on? Let’s face it, pain drives us to action and so does shame.

I’m not a big fan of shaming but there are times where shame drives me to motivation.  No runner want a DNF beside their name (Did Not Finish). We worry about what others think. We conjure up imagines of parents, family, friends and complete strangers shaking their heads as we quit. We imagine what others would think if wehad a great opportunity to breakthrough but gave up. How would you feel? That hurts, doesn’t it?

Motivational Tip #2: If you get going and keep going to your breakthrough, there is no shame. Get going to work through the pain and avoid the shame. breakthrough sign

#4. Start with “Just One”

I never really loved running so for me to run a half marathon and be training for a full marathon is a lot of work. To be honest, there are very few times where I wouldn’t rather do something else. That is when I use a mind trick where I say, “I’ll just do an easy run today.” So I push myself to get into my running gear and get on the treadmill (since it is easier than going outside.) Guess what happens every time. I start running and about 15 minutes into it, the endorphins kick in and I don’t want to stop. I start thinking about why I’m running and how I’m doing what I need to do to make my breakthrough. It is happening because sometimes I just have to trick my mind and do just one to get started.

Motivational Tip #4: Start with “Just One”

 #5.  Rely on Your Team 

We all need a team to keep us going when the going gets tough. Self motivation is essential but often it is helpful to have others that encourage us when we are not at our best.

I’m reminded of this everytime I run a race but most recently when I ran the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon. Crossing mile 12, we entered Epcot and that is when I saw the sign, “Great Job Perfect Stranger.” Here were people that we did not know cheering us on. That really motivated us to keep going and finish strong. It is amazing what a positive word can mean.

Motivational Tip#5: Build a Team and then Rely on that Team for Encouragement.

Are you motivated? I am. Instead of doing something else, now I’m going to write a few more. Check back next week when I’m discussing how to generate your own energy for the breakthrough.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

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