Do you Deserve a Breakthrough? (Be honest)

Is it right for me to breakthrough? This is a serious question that holds many back but that most won’t articulate.  They don’t believe it is right for them to do better than others or they fear the consequences of the breakthrough.

That might sound crazy but I have seen it many times. People say they want something but deep down, something is holding them back. So they don’t take the necessary action. They procrastinate, change focus or simply self-distruct. Others are on the brink of success but don’t quite make it. Why?

failureSurprisingly, many don’t think they deserve that level of success. They fear what will happen if everything goes right, what will be expected of them and how the world will change. Oddly enough, many never creative the disruptive break through because they are afraid of the changes it will bring. Some fear that even if they create something great, it will be used for harm.

Few will readily admit this but, whether we admit it or not, it is a barrier to our breakthrough.

Is that you? Are those fears hiding in your private lives or subconscious? Is this the problem with your team? Do they believe they deserve the breakthrough?

I’ve devised a short assessment to see if you believe you deserve this breakthrough.  Take the assessment and let me know what you think.

  1. Who benefits most from this breakthrough?
  2. Who else benefits?
  3. How do they benefit?
  4. Will anyone be harmed with this breakthrough?
  5. If this breakthrough, never happens, who will be harmed?
  6. If this breakthrough happens, could it be used to hurt people?
  7. If so, does the benefits outweigh the consequences?
  8. If this works, can I live up to the expectations?
  9. Am I doing this only to benefit myself?
  10. If I succeed in the breakthrough, how will it pave the path for others to make their breakthroughs?
  11. Bonus Question: Given the answers you have provided, do you believe you deserve a breakthrough?success-failure

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