Measure Your Breakthrough Potential

You have seen over the last few months that there are several components of a breakthrough. This week, let’s take a moment and assess your progress with 3 pertinent questions.  This isn’t a complete assessment but a quick quiz to give you a good indication of what you need to change to make your breakthrough.

It’s just 3 questions addressing the action you take. Be honest with yourself.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks so take a moment to be 100% authentic and transparent with yourself.

A.  Which one of the following do you say most often when facing a big decision for your career or business? Choose only one. (I know it might be tough, but go with it.) What number response fits you most often? ______

  1. I wait for someone to tell me what to do.
  2. I always ask before taking action.
  3. I often make recommendations and wait for approval.
  4. I announce what I’m going to do before doing anything.
  5. I take the desired action and report immediately to those in charge.
  6. I take the desired action and report periodically.
  7. I just do it and deal with any problems after the fact.

B. Referring to the same list again, think back to the times when you were at your best and making breakthroughs. Which one most reflects you in those times?   _______

C. Why don’t you just do it? What prevents you from taking the action at the perfect time to create your breakthrough? _______________________________________________________

How do you measure up? Are you almost there? What do you need to break through? ampere-1292850 Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Breakthrough and Become the Disruptive Leader

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to breakthrough and become disruptive leaders, doing the impossible by changing the paradigm of their thinking and telling powerful stories.  If that is your desire, contact me today.

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