How do You Develop Your Superpowers to Breakthrough?

To breakthrough the competition and mundane thinking, we need to have more power. Many try to work the corporate system, working hard and waiting for the right opportunity. Others wait quietly to be discovered. Still others, impatient for their due, lie, steal or cheat to get what they want. Sadly, most of those live in frustration because they don’t think they have the power to breakthrough on their own.

Is that you?

In this article, I share how you can develop your own superpowers to breakthrough to the career and business success you desire.  


In working with dozens of professional clients as an executive coach as well as with several hundred students as a college professor, there is a proven process. In each of those cases, I worked alongside individuals who faced exactly what you are facing. They wanted more but didn’t know the process to get it.

As a leader in business, you may be working on your own breakthrough development as well as your team’s. It doesn’t matter whether we work as an entrepreneur or CEO, in Human Resources, Marketing or I.T. We need to continually be improving.

I found the breakthrough process while analyzing my own breakthroughs and he breakthroughs of disruptive leaders. It is fairly simple but each step is critical. It is a cyclical process where each step is critical and each cycle must move us forward.

There are no shortcuts.

Once you have decided you are going to be your own Superhero and exactly which Superpowers you need to breakthrough, choose the first one you want to develop and then follow this process.


caliper-1121746_1920How do you measure up? Be honest. Once you know what you can and cannot do, then you can start the improvement process.

But remember to measure your power against the superpower it will take to breakthrough. Clark Kent was not Superman until he went into that phone booth. The Hulk was did not have superhuman strength until he got angry. You will not breakthrough until you develop your superpower so measure yourself against that standard.

Assessment is a stage that is critical on each cycle. Without honest assessment, we will likely underestimate our abilities and face unnecessary problems later.


laptop-2557468_1920Once we know what we don’t know and know what we want to develop, then we go to work learning new information.

Remember to think bigger, challenging yourself to forecast what information will be most valuable in taking you to that much higher level. Often this requires digging much deeper into topics you already know or reaching into new and strange topics that are well outside of our expertise.

Instruction is critical because we usually learn in layers, learning a small amount, applying it before applying it. It is then that we reassess to realize that we need more knowledge or to hone our skills.


hands-1139098_1920This is where we put the new information into practice. No matter how great the information is, it is worthless unless we can put it to good use. That means we enter another mini cycle of trying and failing, learning from our mistake, trying again and maybe even failing again before ultimately succeeding.

Hint: Most people fail more than you succeed in learning a new skill. That is ok. Recognize ahead of time that failure is part of the breakthrough process. If it was so easy that you could always do it on the first attempt, others would have done it by now and you wouldn’t be disrupting anything.


As I said earlier, the secret to developing the breakthrough is layers of learning. Be persistent in developing the Superpowers.

Johnny One Handed CatchJohnny Rodgers, the 1972 Heisman Trophy winner set  about 40 records from 1970 to 1972 and half of those still stand. In coauthoring his book, “10 Minutes of Insanity” he told me how he stayed after every practice to catch 100 balls. It started a few years earlier when he and his cousin used a sand glove to catch a bb shot from a gun across the yard. He knew that to make his breakthrough as an undersized receiver in the pros, he had to be able “to catch a bb in dark with sunglasses on.”

He didn’t catch every bb and it hurt but he kept trying. Before long, he caught almost all of them. That practice led him to say, “if I can get one finger on the ball, I should catch it.” It was that level of  practice that made him a Hall of Fame player.

Your Challenge

What superpower are you going to develop first to make your breakthrough?

Assess yourself, acquire the new information, put it to practice and keep the cycle going until you can do it in your sleep. 

Follow my blog and join me next week as we discuss building a Superhero attitude.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader and Break Through

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to breakthrough and become disruptive leaders, doing the impossible by changing the paradigm of their thinking and telling powerful stories.  If that is your desire, contact me today. I have a program for every budget.

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