Let’s Disrupt this Destructive Trend

How long will we let this continue?

This morning many of us woke up to new of the biggest mass shooting in the history of the U.S. At this writing, over 58 have died and over 515 have been injured. Sadly, we have seen this before. The Pulse, Virgina Tech, Sandy Hook and Columbine. The worst mass shooting date back to the 1960s yet we have not figured out how to prevent them. Isn’t it time for a disruption?

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Normally I write about how we can leverage our power to disrupt the world around us, tracking the trends and forecasting the opportunities to do amazing things. But today is different. We need to use this same disruptive process to end destructive trends.

As leaders in our businesses, civic groups and families, this is the time to step up to the challenge.

If you follow me, you know that The Sharing Economy (a.k.a. Digital Age, Knowledge Economy, etc) is driven by a four-step process: Connect to Collaborate so we can Create in order for all of us to Cash In.

Let’s apply this model to the problem of mass shootings that we need to disrupt.


As we hear the unfolding news today, it is crucial that we connect with the pain of the victims. These are innocent people that were simply living their lives. It could have been your or I. Connect with their pain.

Connecting requires Compassion which is coming alongside their pain to alleviate it. Their pain will take years to subside. and many will never fully recover. Empathy is good but compassion is working to alleviate that pain.

We also need to CONNECT with communities where the shooting happens. Las Vegas is supposed to be a place for pleasure but no one is sensing that today. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” doesn’t quite ring true today. This event will be burned into our psyche for a very long time.

We also CONNECT with the pain of past failures to prevent this problem. Is that pain enough to compel us to act? Are we finally ready to take the comprehensive and difficult approach to remedy it?

We also need to CONNECT with each other so we can find a solution to this elusive problem. We need to connect in a way that we can collaborate. That means setting aside our differences and willingly reach out to those that are of the mindset to stop destructive trends.


Collaboration is setting aside our positions and agendas to solve a problem. We have a unified goal – bring every available resource to create a solution. Collaboration occurs when egos are set aside and everyone is working together. We live in a competitive world but when in dire need, we can join together. Look at what we have done recently with Hurricanes in Florida and Texas.

This issue is much more difficult, however. The gun lobby is deeply entrenched and too many others only see outlawing certain guns as the remedy.

To solve this problem, we must think bigger and reach higher. We need to consider aspects that we might not have considered before as well as ones we have been unwilling to relinquish our perspectives on. A few to start with are:

  • Violent nature of our culture,
  • Personal rights,
  • Polarized political communication,
  • Media sensationalism,
  • Gun ownership,
  • Trust in government,
  • Mental Health.

Some of those may seem only remotely connected but refraining from addressing those issues will prevent any successful solution.


We are looking for a solution that currently doesn’t exist in our country. Creation happens when we

  • think of a new way,
  • merge divergent ideas,
  • adopt a successful plan from another place or
  • apply an old program.

Obviously, we haven’t solved the problem so let’s consider a wide variety of options.


Solving this problem isn’t about making money but saving lives and living in peace. By living together in harmony, even though we disagree, we will all “cash in” in many ways. However, if we fail to solve this problem, we will all continually pay a high price. Are we willing to invest the energy, ego, and expertise to disrupt this destructive trend?

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader and Break Through

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