What is the Leadership Power of the Future?

What will the world look like in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

As a Visionary Facilitator, I’m paid to help people forecast the future. That doesn’t mean I have any divining skills or telepathic connection. It does mean that I track the trends and help my clients forecast both the opportunities and threats of the future.

How do I do that? There are many trends that will demand that we change our leadership power but let’s discuss 5 fundamental trends in this post. Follow this blog to be the first to learn the other trends that we will discuss in the coming weeks.

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1. Leading with a New Paradigm

As we track the trends and forecast the future, it is not difficult to see that leadership is changing dramatically. Where competition, compliance, and control were once dominant in the Old Industrial World paradigm, the Sharing Economy thrives on connection, collaboration and creation.

Are you still leading based on competition, compliance, and control? or do you use more connection, collaboration, and creation?

2. Recognizing the Shift in Power

As the paradigms have shifted, power has also shifted from organizations to the individual. Not too many years ago, organizations ruled supreme and employees had to tow the line or hit the road. But that “my way or the highway” was shattered in the 1980s when corporate downsized, showing no loyalty to long-term employees.

Today, with so many opportunities to connect instantaneously around the globe and utilize automation and other technology trends, the power has shifted to the entrepreneur. Employees now have plenty of options for employment as approximately 40% of the workforce are now in the “gig” economy. Whether it is driving for Uber,  renting out a room on Air B&B,  writing a blog or starting an online business, employees now have opportunities to say “NO” to corporate employment.

At the same time, finding another job is at our fingertips. We can search online or contact an agency all via our smartphones.  We can even interview via Skype or Facetime.

Customers have more power than ever. As consumers, we no longer have to take what is nearby when we can go online and get what we want quickly with Amazon Prime or other programs.

How do you lead differently knowing employees and consumers have other options?

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3.  Leveraging instead of Wielding

I still find leaders whose default leadership style is competitive, “I’ll get the position so I can control the outcome” mindset. Interestingly enough, they think they are so savvy and powerful. What they don’t see is that they are alienating their team and limiting performance, production, and profits. They are hurting their organization because they divide instead of multiply.

To be the most successful, they need to learn to leverage power, using as little effort possible to lift a load previously impossible with their own strength. Wielding power limits possibilities by focusing on your ideas alone. Leveraging, however, allows everyone on the team to contribute. That gives everyone a place to stand and apply pressure to the lever. It multiplies the power that allows the team to lift far more than one person.

How are you leveraging your power to do what others consider “impossible”?

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4.   Thinking Bigger and Reaching Higher

Obedience allows managers to just focus on tactical measurements and assignments. But collaborating to create demands that managers become leaders and leaders become disruptive leaders. We must constantly expand our vision and reach higher. Because we can more easily connect to build a local, regional, national and international team, we can reach for those previously considered “impossible” aspirations.

In what ways are you consciously working to help your team think bigger and reach higher? 

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5. Being More Impatient and Intolerant

Change is happening so fast that we no longer have the luxury of waiting to see what happens. We need good ideas that are quickly implemented for immediate impact.

It was 10 years ago when I was attending a leadership meeting when the director asked, “How are you different since accepting your leadership role?” My answer was designed to be a bit humorous but also rather poignant. “I’ve become more impatient and intolerant.”

That sounds bad but in this world of rapid and radical change, we cannot sit on a great idea or someone else will seize it. We also cannot underperform with a mediocre product or service. Remember, customers have many choices and unless we are solving their problems better, faster or cheaper than our competitors, they won’t be patient or tolerant.

How are you working to create better products faster?

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