What is Your Disruptive Story?

Last week I wrote about the 10 lessons I learned from running my first marathon at age 62. This week, it is your turn. I want to know about your story of disruption.

What have you done that you never thought you would do? (Let’s keep it positive. We all have those other stories but those are for another post.)

Have you . . .

  • built a business?
  • launched a new career?
  • made more money than you ever thought you would?
  • overcome great odds?
  • moved to a new country?

Those are what I call “legacy” stories because telling them throughout our leadership leaves an incredible gift for those that follow.

A Gift.

Have you thought about your accomplishment like that? It is really more about those that hear your story than about what you did.

Does that sound funny?

Humble HomesteadersI know it did when I first realized it. In writing my parent’s book, Humble Homesteaders, I realized the incredible gift I received by hearing what my parents considered their ordinary stories. They never thought they did anything worthy of a book but I discovered something very profound in hearing those stories again and then seeing them gathered together in a book. As their son, and a follower of their leadership, hearing these stories disrupted my thinking. I was not only connected to my homesteader grandparents but also inspired to disrupt the status quo in my life.

You have those disruptive stories.

Imagine what can happen when you tell those stories in a way that leverages the power in others to do what they never thought possible.

We need to hear those stories because of what they will inspire us to do.  Those stories are what build great organizational cultures, radical thinking, and disruptive teams.

Please leave a short comment about your story.

Dr_Murfield-400x400Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

I have the privilege of being a strategic advisor to clients seeking disruptive change. Some start new businesses, others pursue new careers and still others write their book. Email me today to discuss the radical changes you can make in 2018.

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