Will Your Leadership Legacy be Remarkable?

Seth Godin told us about the Purple Cow. In his 2003 TED Talk, “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread” he stressed that we need to be remarkable.

Remarkable is doing something so impressive that others will make a positive comment on it. They will tell their friends. They will post it on social media.

As I was showing it to my monthly TED Talk Think Tank in Tampa, I challenged the mastermind group to offer remarkable products and services. Some sat back in thought.

  • “Are my products and services remarkable?”
  • “What are my customers saying about my products and services?”
  • “How can I make them remarkable?”

TB stick figure standoutThose are world-changing questions. If we are simply looking to replicate, we will struggle. Godin notes that the old way of selling is dead. Interrupting us with TV ads is antiquated in a world of cord-cutting. Instead, we buy what impresses us.

  • What products and services do you offer that are remarkable?
  • How do you know they are remarkable?

But there is something more that we need to consider that Godin didn’t discuss but implied.

Are we leading Remarkable Lives?

As leaders, our challenge is to deliver remarkable results. But are we living a life of integrity, standing out in a positive way?

Are we connecting with our employees in a way that they make positive comments about us? Or are we having to defend what we do and explain why we have such poor employees?

What are they saying? Are you remarkable?

Will we leave a Remarkable Legacy?

A legacy is a gift left to those that follow. What gift are you leaving?

Many leaders today are living in the moment, getting all the benefits while they can. But what does the organization look like when we leave? Have we set the foundation for success in the coming decade?

In 10 years, when followers look back, what will others say about your leadership?

What will be your leadership legacy?

  • In what ways did you think bigger?
  • In what ways did you reach higher?

(c) 2018 Loren Murfield


Dr_Murfield-400x400Loren Murfield, Ph.D. I work with clients to think bigger and reach higher. Frequently, clients tell me, “Wow, I hadn’t thought about it like that before.” I love seeing them raise their standards and step up their performance, and do what they previously  considered “impossible.” At that point, I help them write their legacy book. Contact me today to begin creating your legacy and then leaving it for generations to come.

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