7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Think Bigger and Reach Higher in Marketing

There are a number of ways to market, advertise, connect and sell in the digital age. Here are seven surprisingly simple ways we can increase sales by thinking bigger and reaching higher.


1. Begin with the Customers You Already Have

The best way to grow your business is to work with your current customers. Find a way to help them solve additional needs. You already have a relationship so they know you, like the products or service you provide and therefore probably trust you. Why seek out new customers when your current customers have more needs?

Think Bigger. Reach Higher! Look at your clients first. 

2. Step up Your Game

Nothing matters if you have to apologize for the quality of your products and services. Disrupt your thinking, processes, and outcomes of what you currently offer to make them the very best.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher! Be second to none.  

“Losers Make Excuses. Winners Never Need to.”

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

3. Help Them to Get to Know You Better

Relationships are critical in today’s marketplace. Consumers, especially Millennials, want to affiliate with companies who share their concerns. It might be the the environment,  social issues, business ethics or a host of others.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher! Share your mission and passion.

4. Engage them – Give them a Voice. 

The digital age with its technology and world reach can alure business professionals to think they can hide. Nothing is further from the truth.  More than ever consumers want a connection so they can be heard.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher! Quit hiding. Engage your customers.

5. Celebrate them – Show them how important they are.

When is the last time you told your customers how important they are without including another sales pitch?  When is the last time that you received an email, phone call or personal note telling you how much a company appreciates your business? Chances are it has been a long time. The key is to sincerely celebrate them by showing them how important they are to your business.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher! Celebrate your customers.

To Celebrate is defined as Publicly Proclaiming or Praising Widely.


6. Ask For Referrals – Allow them to help build your business.

If they know, like and trust you, you are not just another company. They are loyal to you. That takes time and effort but once you have it, you have a relationship so you can ask what friends they have that could benefit from your services. It’s not a cheap sales tactic. It is showing you appreciate them and want to help their friends.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher. Ask for referrals.

7. Become a Collaborator – Look at them as more than competitors.

The digital age has created intense competition and, strangely enough, a need to collaborate with competitors. Why? Automation and Artifical Intelligence alone will threaten many jobs in the next decade. The market you are currently selling to is about to drastically change.  To keep our current customers and expand our businesses we need to disrupt our mindset, processes, products, and services. That means connecting with like-minded leaders who can work together to create rather than compete. Examine the trends and collaborate to create what your customers don’t even know they will need. That is too big of a challenge for many because they are not thinking that big or reaching that high.

Think Bigger. Reach Higher. Find a way to Collaborate with a Current Competitor. 

(c) 2018 Loren Murfield.


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