7 Brutally Honest Truths to Disrupt in 2019

We all want to succeed in 2019. But will we? Some of us want to enjoy disruptive success, achieving a level others never thought possible. But will we?

In 2 decades as an executive coach, I’ve found 7 brutally honest truths that predict whether a client will be disruptive or not. Forgive me if these sound too harsh but I’ve found most will never disrupt unless they are willing to honestly look in the mirror. There are incredible opportunities for those that do. Are you one of them?

Let’s take a look at these seven.

Brutal Truth #1: Most Live Too Reactively 

Most of the people I meet never engage me because they are too content living with what the world gives them. Oh, they might complain or even claim they are willing to work for great results, but in the end, they are too content to do anything more. To disrupt in 2019, you have to have a disruptive attitude. That starts by stopping the insanity of living with what others allow you to have.

  • Quit living reactively.
  • Quit saying you want to do something great.
  • Quit thinking you will succeed with what others give you.

Brutal Action: Quit the old thinking habits.  

Brutal Truth #2: Most Think Too Small

To disrupt means you do something that has never been done before. For many, that is “impossible.” They hesitate to do something they have never done before and quickly dismiss that they could ever do it. But think about it. Impossible simply means that we don’t currently have the resources to do it now. We might lack the physical, financial or intellectual resources. When we redefine the term “impossible” and begin searching for the resources, the impossible becomes possible.

  • Quit thinking doable.
  • Quit thinking something great is impossible.
  • Quit thinking someone else is supposed to do the disruption.

Brutal Action: Think Bigger. Think Impossible.  

Brutal Truth #3: Most Think Too Safe

We have all had ancestors who left the comfort of their families and predictable lives to immigrate to America, homestead the frontier or begin a new job in a new part of the country.  Every new adventure requires us to leave our comfort zones. If we just wanted to stay safe, we would never do anything new. Even learning a new language or technical skill requires the possibility of frustration and failure. But in the end, reaching higher is far more satisfying than staying in our tiny little comfort zone.

  • Quit thinking safe.
  • Quit being comfortable.
  • Quit demanding predictability.

Brutal Action: Leave Your Comfort Zone by Reaching Higher. 

Why didn’t he see it coming?

Brutal Truth #4: Most Think Too Late

“I wished I had . . .” We have all heard it and probably said these regretful words. We look back and pine over lost opportunities. Meanwhile, in looking back we miss more opportunities that are at our fingertips. Stop looking back except to quickly learn what you missed and what you could have done to seize that disruptive opportunity. In the process, look ahead and work on anticipating the opportunities. That way you can work to time your execution perfectly.

  • Quit looking back.
  • Quit regretting lost opportunities.
  • Quit being afraid you will miss another great opportunity.

Brutal Action: Actively Focus on Current and Future Opportunities. 

Brutal Truth #5: Most Think Too Tactically. 

“I can’t think about that, I have to focus on what I’m doing.” I’ve heard that many times from clients that refuse to look at the bigger picture. They fear they will get too far ahead of themselves and won’t execute the needed action at the perfect time. That is important but if we never look up from the proverbial grindstone, we will never see the disruptive trends or anticipate the best opportunities.

  • Quit ignoring the bigger picture.
  • Quit dismissing others who can help you think bigger.
  • Quit behaving as if the current conditions are permanent.

Brutal Action: Learn to Think Disruptively and Strategically while Acting Tractially. 

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Brutal Truth #6: Most Think Too Tentatively

Most will never admit it but they are afraid to take the necessary risk. They find some excuse to play it safe. What they don’t understand is that to disrupt often requires bold thoughts and action. If you have developed your disruptive vision and done your strategic planning, taking the bold move might be the safest action. Think about that.

  • Quit living on your fears.
  • Quit believing bold means reckless.
  • Quit avoiding the difficult research necessary to take a bold action.

Brutal Action: Think and Act Boldly. 

Brutal Truth #7: Most Blame Too Much

“If it wasn’t for __________________ I would have _____________________.” Fill in the first blank with family, friends, DNA, race, gender, poverty, politics or anything else you want.  Looking back I know I have blamed far too much in my life and I fully realize how much that has cost me. In reality, missing opportunities was no one’s fault but my own. In fact, looking back and blaming others cost me even far more opportunities. We covered that in #4. The challenge here is to take responsibility for your own action. Use the “I” language instead of “You” or “They.”

  • Quit blaming others.
  • Quit thinking opportunities are scarce. They are all around us.
  • Quit making excuses and control your own outcome.

Brutal Action: Ground Yourself in the Idea that You Control Your Disruptive Success. No One Gives You Disruptive Success.  



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

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