The First Question to Plan Your 2019 Disruption

Action without Planning is Chaos. 

Success without Planning is Luck. 

Planning without Action is Wishing.

October is a great time to reassess where we are, what we did and how well we performed over this last year. It is also a great opportunity to look ahead and plan for what we ultimately want to achieve this next year.


Over the next few posts, we will be discussing five critical questions to plan your 2019 disruption. In this post, we are asking several questions around your ultimate vision for 2019 disruption.

What is your Dream?

I was coaching a client and posed the question in our first session, “What is your dream?” He hesitated and then said, “Increase my business by 10% this year.” I pushed back, “That isn’t your dream. What do you ultimately want?” 

That is when he leaned back, smiled broadly and shared his dream of traveling and working in his own time frame. Ten years later he is living that dream.

Most business professionals cringe at the mention of “dream.” As a CPA challenged me a decade ago,

“Don’t you mean vision?”

“No. Dream is the emotional first half of a vision. It is the warm and fuzzy but not very clear view of what we ultimately want.”

But many think a dream is a waste of time for a business. They define dream devoid of any action.

Let’s change that. Use your dream as the incentive to take the disruptive action. Dreams drive vision and vision drive strategic focus and action. In that way, a dream is disruptive because it is so big that we cannot fully imagine its implication at the very beginning. Allow yourself to dream. Release the daily requirements and allow yourself to imagine what could be. That is the first step to working to make it happen.

As you look to next year, what is your dream of what you would like to have or enjoy? 

What do you want to Feel?

I know business isn’t supposed to be about feelings. But that is why I”m different. I think business is all about business.

Let’s be honest. We work long hours and put up with a lot of negatives so we can achieve something that we ultimately want. That makes us feel good, right? Aren’t we all searching to feel good about ourselves, family, or position in the community or world?

Yes, we want and need profits but feelings are what let us sleep peacefully. 

When you look at your accomplishments at this time next year, what feeling do you want?

What do you See for the Big Picture? 

Planning demands that we have a clear sense of where we are going. If you have worked on your vision, you will know exactly what progress you want to see by this time next year (or the end of the year, whatever time frame you select.)

One of the big pictures you might see is financial independence, starting a new job, launching your new business, writing your first book or even retiring.

Describe your vision for the disruption you want to make this next year.

What Small Details do you See?

As I worked with the client mentioned above, he knew the feeling he wanted and what it would take to make that happen. There were some things that he wanted to eliminate and some that he wanted to add.

Maybe you want to remove

  • oppressive bureaucracy,
  • imposed structure of an office, or
  • decision making restrictions.

Maybe you want to add

  • a more engaged team,
  • another office, or
  • a significant capital investment.

Note the details. Write them down.

Is that Dream Disruptive?

As you sit back and envision that dream, ask the difficult question. “Is your dream for 2019 disruptive?”

Disruption isn’t just a little bit better. It isn’t even radically better. Disruption changes paradigms, shifts foundations and sees the world differently. In the process, it opens up opportunities that you and others have thought were impossible.

It is disruptive if it

  • challenges you to see the world from a different perspective,
  • radically improves your life,
  • radically improves the lives of others so
  • no one wants to return to the previous way.

In what ways is your 2019 dream disruptive?

Watch for my next post where we will be discussing how to hone your focus on that disruptive vision.



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

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