How do you take the Right Disruptive Action?

A strategy without action is Wishing. There is no hope without a plan of action. Just as there should be no action without a strategy.

Wouldn’t it be insane to take the time and energy to create a disruptive strategy but then not to take action? And wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to create the best strategy and then miss the opportunity because you acted too early or too late?

This is the final article in the series on developing your disruptive plan for 2019. We have previously discussed creating a disruptive vision, focus, strategy, and priorities. In this article, we discuss taking disruptive action.

As I work with decision makers in my executive coaching practice, we often discuss who does what when and why. We discuss the strategy but also the specific action, the timing for that action and the purpose for that action. Let’s start with the last one.


What is the Purpose of the Action?

Simon Sinek is known for finding the why. In his TED Talk, he reverses the order that most follow. Instead of explaining the what and the how, we increase our influence when we first seek to understand and address their why.

In the same way, as we seek to create, we must know why we are taking the action. Understand why you want to disrupt and why that action is needed. If it isn’t needed, then don’t do it. But when we know why we are doing something, it is easier to make it a habit and do it to the best of our abilities.

This might sound tedious but ask yourself, “How many times do people take actions simply because they think they need to or because someone said they should?” Remember what I mentioned in a previous article in this series.

Disruptive Action #1. As you create your action plan, detailing every action you need to take to disrupt, carefully analyze the purpose of each action. 

Why do you want that Breakthrough?

What Specific Action is Required?

I recently wrote and staged my first play. As I work with my co-director on next year’s performance, we are examining everything we did and need to do to make it the best yet. That means we will examine 100+ action items. Each of those items is necessary to produce a play that is so good that they rave it about it and want to return again. We know our why and from that know what we need to do to make it a reality.

Disruptive Action #2: Detail your action plan. What action needs to be taken? Who is responsible? Who needs to hold that person accountable?

What is the Perfect Time to Take the Action?

Timing is critical for disruption. Act too late and competitors beat you out. Act too early and the market isn’t ready and therefore not open for business. Many potential disruptions have failed because they didn’t time their actions right.

Disruptive Action #3: What is the timing for each of your disruptive actions? Discuss them thoroughly and weigh the timing carefully.

Is Today the Perfect Time to Take the Opportunity Challenge



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

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