Guiding Your Team to Unseen Potential

Which way do we go to find the hidden potential?

Most of us travel the same road, seeing the same sights and thinking the same way for years. You may have noticed that the old way of thinking doesn’t work so well anymore. What do we do then? If what we are used to using no longer works, how do we find our way to even keep up much less be innovative? 

In this series, we are examining how to Tap the Unseen in 2019. We first discussed appreciation, then potential and in the last post, developing our vision. In this article, we will discuss guidance. 


As leaders, it is up to us to guide our organizations. We are expected to have the vision and craft the strategy to make that vision a reality. Unfortunately, the only vision some leaders have is watching other leaders and following their tracks. While that is great in a fairly stable environment, the current world of rapid and radical innovation and disruption makes that nearly impossible. To lead we must have a powerful vision and the ability to guide ourselves and our team to that end. 

Guidance means directing the action. It is our internal GPS. 

Or is it? 

Do I Dare Go There?

To follow a GPS is obey what the technology dictates. That is the old, outside-in way of thinking. The guidance we need to tap the unseen in 2019 is helping each team member re-engineer their thinking. Instead of following, they need to lead.   

Do you believe that? Or do you scoff at the thought? 

I have encountered many who believe that we are either born with leadership potential or we are not. I don’t buy that. I believe everyone has the potential IF it is fostered. If you disagree with that, I will argue that you will struggle to develop an innovative team that disrupts the market.  That is how critical the concept of guidance is to disruption.

Stop the Line

You have probably heard of Stop the Line Manufacturing. This is a management process where each team member is empowered to stop the assembly line if they see a significant problem. They don’t have to ask anyone else, fill out a form or get a team decision. No, they learn to observe carefully, make wise decisions, trust their judgment and take swift action.  They also learn to work as a team to resolve the defect so they can produce better products faster and that leads to less expense and more profit. 

That requires leadership to make a paradigm shift. They have to engage and empower the team members to do what previously has been a leadership duty. That is threatening to many leaders and team members. 

That is also challenging because it requires a different paradigm. If you cling to that old paradigm, as I noted above, you will struggle to develop an innovative team creating disruptive products and service. 

Leading Inside-Out

The old way of leading is outside-in and the new is inside-out. Traditional leadership focused on competition, control, and compliance to make an incremental success. But the current world of disruptive leadership utilizes connection, collaboration, and creation to do what others couldn’t imagine.

The old way of leading is outside-in and the new is inside-out. 

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

As disruptive leaders, our function changes to help each team member unleash their passion, talent, and potential. 

Where once we relied on control and the power of our position, now we must recognize the untapped potential in our team. 

Where we once demanded compliance, now we must work to help guide them into seeing the unseen. 

Where once we required that they follow and obey us as we “barked orders,” now we must ask for their thoughts and listen to what they say. 

That is a drastic paradigm shift. Are you willing to make the shift in order to set your organization apart?

Your Challenge

  • How are you guiding your team?
  • Are you trying to control them or actively working to connect with them?
  • How are you fostering compliance or collaboration?



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


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