Collaborating to Create a Team of Self-Leaders

We can’t do it by ourselves. 

At times we might think we can or even wish we could.  But we cannot if we are seeking to do what others think is impossible. 

For those of us with lofty goals, we know we need a strong team. We don’t want followers We NEED collaborators. 

A collaborator sees the same problem and brings all of their skills, knowledge and drive to help solve it. There is no forcing or coercing. There is no prodding or pushing. Collaborators are willing partners in innovation.

In this series, we are discussing how to Tap the Unseen in 2019. First, we discussed Appreciation, and then how to find our Hidden Potential. Then we discussed developing your Vision and Guidance. 

If you have been following me, you know that I’m a visionary facilitator working with clients determined to do what others think is impossible. I foster that disruption by helping them connect to collaborate to then create an innovation that disrupts themselves, their team, business or industry.  Central to that breakthrough is the story we tell and the language we use. 


Leading Inside-Out

In my upcoming book, Leading Disruption from the Inside-Out (due out Spring 2019), I write, “Most people live outside-in thinking the world is right side up. When you learn to live inside-out, you turn the world upside down.” 

“Most people live outside-in thinking the world is right side up. When you learn to live inside-out, you turn the world upside down.”

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

The biggest challenge to leading disruptively is to shift paradigms. Instead of asking “How can you help me?” or “What can you do for the team?” we as leaders need to develop a culture of innovation. This will involve tapping 3 critical components.

Make More Money in Tough Times

First – Tap your Connections

We have more opportunities at our fingertips than at any time in the history of the world. That is because we have the power to connect globally and instantaneously. We also have the ability to connect with others and with cutting-edge knowledge and technology. Connecting with the right attitude allows us to do the impossible.

The word, “impossible” is often defined as “something that cannot be done.” Let’s shift that definition. Instead, let’s redefine it as “not having the resources.” 

Every day people are using technology to do what was impossible yesterday.

  • When you see the impossible as possible, what do you see? 
  • What particular opportunity do you want to pursue? 
  • What do you see your team doing that others don’t?

 Check out my previous post – it focuses on vision. 

Second – Tap Their Pain and Passion

Many team members are not fully engaged because they are not doing what they are passionate about. They also recognize the global connections. Too often they are reminded that there are other people doing great things with less effort. Then they come to the drudgery of their current job and manager that hired them for talent and expected to bring passion. Granted, leaders need competent workers. But people are not robots. 

Study your team. What is the passion of each team member?

  • What do they love most about their position?
  • What would they love to do? 
  • Why don’t they find another job?

Third – Tap Your Compassion

As my co-author and I defined in The ROI of Compassion, compassion is coming alongside another to help alleviate their pain. To build teams creating disruptive products and services, everyone must be engaged and self-motivated to do what has never been done before.

This no easy task. Building an engaged and empowered team demands compassion. That means leaders must actively work to identify the pain of each team member and to come alongside them to help them alleviate it.

That is a definite shift in leadership focus and strategy. But when it happens, you will unleash the ultimate performance, production, and profits because your team will care. 

This is where the self-guidance happens. They will shift paradigms and asking how can I help you. That is exceeding the Stop the Line Manufacturing to the point where team members willingly see a problem and work to create a solution. That is also where team members look around and see possibilities from what others ignore because it appears impossible.

When you tap your compassion, you care about their pain. That caring awakes their passion and leads to collaboration that guides seemingly impossible success. 

When they know you care, they care and that creates a collective energy that makes the impossible possible. That compassion guides decisions, strategies, and vision. 

  • How much do you care about your team?
  • What are you willing to do to help alleviate their pain?
  • What great opportunities are you going to miss by not caring?



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


I work with leaders and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. One of the ways I help clients is by guiding them through 11 Disruptive Trends.   Begin the process today by contacting me.

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