Shifting Paradigms for a 2019 Disruption

In 2007 we stepped over the threshold from a 2D to a 3D world. Before, we lived in a divided world between leaders and followers. This 2D world was pretty black and white with hard lines separating the two camps. Many believed leaders were born and one’s lot in life was dictated early.

Then the paradigm shifted.

Unfortunately many think they can still rely on the old paradigm in 2019 and still be innovative. Some will succeed by using the old paradigm but it will become increasingly difficult for them.

Is 2019 a time for you to shift paradigms?

In 2007, Apple introduced the Smart Phone that allowed anyone with a phone and a connection to access information that only the privileged previously possessed. Now everyone could become a leader by connecting and collaborating. Before, followers had no choice but to submit themselves to those with the critical information. But with mobile access to privileged information, every individual had the potential to lead.

How is that for a paradigm shift?

Mobility and Connectivity

The change started a decade earlier with the emergence of the internet in the mid-1990s. The smartphone gave us mobility and connectivity. Those two things would change how we lead because it gave the power to do what was previously impossible. 

Think about how powerful that is.

Those changes helped followers become leaders. Followers now do are not limited by the choices leaders once offered. Instead, the former follower can make decisions for themselves. For example, prior to mobile technology, potential customers were required to drive from store to store or search the ads comparing prices for products. Now, we can shop online in the comfort of our homes at our desktop computers but also, when we are in a store we can immediately compare prices with competitors. We don’t have to guess because we likely have an app for that. We have a power that we didn’t use to have. With that power, we can make choices we could not before.


But there is a responsibility that comes with opportunity. We cannot claim helplessness the way we once could. We now have power whether we want it or not. We cannot complain about not knowing, claiming ignorance when we have a device in our hand that can quickly inform us. In that sense, with increased power comes responsibility. In that way, power can be damaging if not deadly.

Many have found that downside of power the hard way. Careers have been ruined by not appreciating the power of sharing a rant or provocative photo. Businesses have instantly suffered when a private and harsh reply goes viral. Dictators have personally been deposed and killed because frustrated followers now could air their voice and collaborate with others to do what they never could have done without that mobile technology.

We are in a revolutionary transformation of power. What once worked, no longer works. What was once a best practice in business has been quickly replaced with cutting-edge ideas. Innovation often trumps tradition today. What worked in 2018 may not work in 2019. 

Power to Lead

That is no more evident than in leadership. Many still believe that leading is influencing others to do what they do not want for the benefit of the organization. In other words, many used to think and several still do think that the way to lead is to manipulate others to do what we want them to do. Power, then, is the ability to get others to serve our interests. That principle is flawed in the 3D world. That dog no longer hunts in the new environment. Why? I have found many reasons, here are the top four. 

Leading in the 3D world not only requires having the right power but knowing exactly how to leverage that power to the best results.

Leadership is the power to sense and seize your best opportunities to do what others thought impossible. 

Follow me to find the four questions we must ask to leverage our power to lead disruption in 2019.



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


I work with leaders and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. One of the ways I help clients is by guiding them through my Disruptive Opportunity Challenge.  Begin the process today by contacting me.

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