4 Questions to Develop Your Disruptive Leadership Power in 2019

To make 2019 your breakthrough year, you must ask four provocative questions to develop your disruptive leadership power.

Those following me know that I work with individuals and organizations to help them do what they never thought possible. That requires that I help them develop a vision of what is possible and then help them reshape their thinking and action to create a story of seemingly impossible success. That’s why I call myself a visionary facilitator. 

In this post, we will be asking four pertinent questions that, if you respond favorably, could be the key to your disruption this year. 

In this post we are specifically examining four questions that tap into four elements of the cutting edge power paradigm that makes the impossible possible. 

Let’s take a look. 

Question #1: As a leader in 2019, how willing are you to share information, responsibility, and power? 

The 3D world is built on sharing. More than any other principle, sharing is what drives the internet world. We build followers by connecting with them rather than manipulating them. We gladly follow someone who offers new ideas or reflects our values. We “share” then when we collaborate with them to provide valuable experience. This is radically different from the “Manifest Destiny” paradigm that fostered a “rape, pillage, and plunder” approach. (To explore this paradigm shift, take a look at my second book, Making More Money in Tough Times. Yet many will try to do that online, talking more than they listen, selling more than they educate. There is incredible power in the 3D world and it is leveraged through sharing.

Question #2: As a leader in 2019, how transparent are you willing to be with your team?

The 3D world is also built on transparency. With everyone having a mobile device and connected through many channels, keeping a secret is nearly impossible. So if we are trying to lead by deceiving others, we will be found out. Each day we seem to see yet another example of someone being exposed. We as leaders cannot hide our devious motivations. There is incredible power in authenticity in the 3D world.

Question #3: How willing are you to disrupt yourself, your team, or your habits in 2019?

The 3D world is built on innovation. This incredibly exciting because it is driven by doing what has never been done before. This is disruptive leadership. Where once individuals could create businesses that prospered by replicating what others had done. The internet pushes us to innovate rather than replicate. While it is still tempting to knock off a product or service and make serious money, the chances of that are quickly dissipating. Instead, the internet exposes those who merely replicate. We have to improve upon what has already been done or create a whole new product or service. That is why new cell phones are introduced with new features every year. We as consumers have become accustomed to rapid change.  There is amazing power in doing what has never been done before.

Question #4: How willing are you to unleash the leadership potential in every member of your team in 2019?

Fourth, that frequency of change dictates a different approach to power. Where once a powerful individual could sit atop a large bureaucratic empire, today radical change is facilitated best by a small team of entrepreneurs.

That requires that all followers become leaders.

Organizations have become lean and mean, focused to maximize every individual’s ability to sense and seize opportunities. They can no longer afford layers of managers who spend all day in meetings. That bureaucracy is too cumbersome and delivers decisions far too slowly. Instead, what powers the 3D world is nimble organizations where everyone is a leader. In the 3D world, there is incredible power in everyone being a leader who can act quickly.

To seize your opportunities to lead in the 3D world, you will need to leverage the power to share, be authentic, do what has never been done before and develop leaders from followers. That will allow you to be nimble enough to act quickly.

That is no small order. Leading in the 3D world not only requires having the right power but knowing exactly how to leverage that power to the best results.

Leadership is the power to sense and seize your best opportunities to do what others thought impossible. 



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


I work with leaders and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. One of the ways I help clients is by guiding them through my Disruptive Opportunity Challenge.  Begin the process today by contacting me.

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