Will You Risk Rejection?

What if they say “No!”? Whenever we reach higher to do something great, there is a risk that others will reject us. How can we overcome that fear of rejection?

Those that follow me know that I’m passionate about disruptive thinking, incredible opportunities and doing what we never thought possible. There are far too many phenomenal opportunities to live our dreams. Unfortunately, most are content playing it safe, in part because they are afraid of being rejected.

Jia Jiang had a very unique idea. He recognized that he had a problem so he challenged himself to ask for something bizarre from a stranger every day for 100 days.

Would you ask a stranger for $100?

Watch Jia Jiang’s TED Talk.

I have to say, that unnerved me. I like to think bigger and reach higher but risking rejection in such an outlandish way intimidates me.

A member of my monthly mastermind recommended his video. I watched it and took a deep breath. I loved what he was doing but would I be willing to set myself up for what looked to be a certain failure?

One of his challenges was to walk up to a stranger and ask them for $100. Was he crazy? I just couldn’t see myself doing that. Somethings might not be so bad but walking up to a stranger and asking for money was over the line for me.

What type of rejection do you fear the most?

Something Surprising Happened

When he asked, the guy asked, “Why do you need the money?” Unfortunately, he was so nervous that he ran off before giving an answer.

But that was the breakthrough for him. He realized that if he knew his “why?” he might not be rejected. Others are far more willing to say “YES!” than we realize.

Once we know our “Why?” and are prepared to explain it, we are more successful.

What is Your Why?

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Are Other Challenges Easier?

He went on to other challenges such as asking for a “burger refill,” serve as a greeter in a retail store or interview President Obama.

As I looked over the list, I realized that there were many items on that list that I would have no trouble asking someone for. That made me realize that the problem wasn’t in asking, it was asking for the right thing.

What are you willing to ask for?

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A Surprising Result

Jia Jiang discovered a very important principle in his challenge. He found that the more he asked, the easier it was to ask. You might say that he became calloused to hearing “No!” That is an old sales technique but one that most new salespeople need to learn. We have to be willing to hear “NO!” or we will not ask.

He also learned to think bigger. Instead of just overcoming his fear of rejection just to make himself a better salesperson, he found an entirely new opportunity. He realized he was not alone and that others had the same phobia and could benefit from what he learned. Today he owns the website where you can take his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy. 

  • Who else shares the same struggles that you do?
  • What business could you create to help them learn what you did?
  • When will you ask them for what you want?



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