Does this Warning Get Your Attention?

We are quickly entering a danger area for many businesses. The alarms are sounding but are leaders listening?

With the development of automation, much of the tasks we do today will be replaced by machines tomorrow. Many careers that are attractive today will be done by a robot tomorrow. In many cases, that change has already happened.

Those that follow me appreciate that I work to establish cutting-edge organizations where people do what others never thought possible. That demands a paradigm shift in our thinking. But before we do that, we must see and hear the warning signals.

How will you react to the warnings?

The Dire Forecast

Lee writes in “A.I. Superpowers” (2018) that Artificial Intelligence will eliminate 40% of all jobs in the U.S. in the next 10-15 years.
He is not alone in his projections. PwC projects that the U.S. will lose 38% of jobs by 2030.

That is a lot of jobs to lose in such a short time period. The future optimists predict that more jobs will be created as A.I. and automation perform the repetitive tasks. They believe that new jobs will be created. But will the same people who are displaced have the required creative and strategic skills to step up? Are they prepared to make the transition or will they be displaced?

I am not confident they will. That is why I’m focusing on helping individuals think bigger and reach higher. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking to avoid a national and worldwide disaster.

Lee (A.I. Superpowers, 2018) forecasts that the emergence of A.I. will cause significant unemployment and widen the gap of global inequity. Maybe most interesting, he forecasts that A.I. will cause “a tremendous social disorder and political collapse stemming from widespread unemployment and gaping inequality.”

Become a Disruptive Thinker

5 Reactions

There are five types of reaction to disruptive trends.

  1. Some deny the change is happening and claim it is just “Fake News.” Unfortunately, like global warming, the A.I. trend is happening. Those that refuse to recognize it are positioned to be antiquated. They hear the warnings but choose to ignore them.
  2. Some fight the change thinking they can hold it off long enough that they are not affected. Some even file lawsuits and work to make the change illegal. Good luck with that. Progress wins sooner or later. It is usually sooner when it is better, faster or cheaper. Those that fight the change are stuck doing business the old way while their competitors are doing it better, faster and cheaper. How does that work for them? They hear the warnings as well believe it is for someone else.
  3. Some reluctantly follow the change. They would rather not change but, if they have to, they will. Notice the attitude here. They hesitate until the very last moment and plan to escape by the thinnest margins. They hope they make it before being disrupted.
  4. Some welcome the change. They follow the trends and welcome the change to seize the best opportunities. With that attitude, they gladly make the paradigm shift quickly to be positioned at the front of the pack. They hear the warnings but are not concerned because they are already out of danger.
  5. A few create the change. They track the cutting edge trends with the confidence that hey can build a team of innovators who can create the change necessary. They have long since made the paradigm shift and are soon seen as thought leaders. They are the ones creating the warning signs for those that don’t follow quickly enough.

Stretch Your Thinking with Customized Executive Coaching

What is Your Reaction?

Each one of us has a choice. Which one do you choose?

Remember, if you fail to choose, someone else will choose for you.



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


I work with leaders and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. One of the ways I help clients is by guiding them through my Disruptive Opportunity Challenge.  Begin the process today by contacting me.

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