The Secret to Avoiding Disruption

This may be the most important blog post you have read.

I’m serious.

If you work as an accountant, assembly line worker, warehouse worker, stock analyst, quality control inspector, driver, paralegal, radiologist, or mortgage underwriter, this post might help you prevent a career disaster.

Artificial Intelligence is about to displace thousands if not millions of workers in these jobs.

You probably knew that. In case you didn’t, take a look at a book I recently read. Kai-Fu Lee writes in AI Superpowers (2018) that Artificial Intelligence is developing steadily and quickly enough that 40-50% of all jobs in the United States will be lost by 2030.

While that sounds ominous, you don’t have to be disrupted IF you learn to think bigger and reach higher.

Those that follow me appreciate my focus on disruptive thinking. I help individuals think bigger and reach higher to sense and seize incredible opportunities. That’s not just a slogan.

NOTE: This article might sound very basic and one that you are tempted to quickly dismiss. Rest assured that this article is extremely important. I have watched countless people avoid this principle and even mock it only to suffer the problems later. For your sake, KEEP READING.

Take the Course: Become a Disruptive Leader

Seriously, you don’t have to earn an advanced degree or have an incredible IQ. You don’t have to have educated parents or have gone to the right schools.

The opportunities are so plentiful and so phenomenal today that anyone can do what they never thought possible. You don’t have to be displaced. You have a choice.

That might sound too optimistic but hear me out.

Be The Hero – Not a Victim

Disruption happens to people. Disruption, operating as an outside force, controls people’s lives. When you let outside circumstances control your life, that makes you a victim.

You don’t have to be a victim to outside circumstances.

That might sound like a motivational speech but it is more than that. It is good leadership training. Those that do what others don’t think possible learn this lesson. Whatever happens, you have the choice. You have the ability to make it better. It starts by making the choice. Once you make that choice, you will find that you have the power to make the next steps.

But if you choose to let outside circumstances dictate your success, then you are in for a tough time. Get ready to struggle because the skill set you have will soon be outmatched by robots.

‘sorry to be harsh but that’s the way it will work. Artificial Intelligence will do it better than we can.

So we must choose to learn to think bigger and reach higher. That involves several aspects that we will discuss in the coming posts.

Despite that, you have a choice.

Are you choosing to be the hero of your own story?

Would a Coach help Guide You in that Disruption?

Choosing to Lead

Decision making is a process that can be learned. Unfortunately, many never are taught that they have the choice. We are not taught this concept in schools. Even once we get into our careers, we find that many organizations fail to provide supervisors, managers, and leaders permission to make the critical choice. Instead, they scrutinize every choice and punish poor choices. That tells leaders to be cautious and to fear failure.

Learning to lead means choosing to take a risk, being willing to fail, and then choosing to get back up again and again until you finally succeed. Leadership and success isn’t an exact science.

The foundation of leadership is choosing. It is choosing to see and discern the best opportunities. It is choosing to build a great team, not just those that slide by. It is also choosing to be relentless in the pursuit of that ultimate success.

Build a Breakthrough Organization

Choosing to Disrupt

To avoid disruption from outside circumstances, we must choose to be the disruptor. We follow the trends and see that technology is going to replace cheap and more expensive labor. It is going to automate the repetitive tasks and push us aside unless we choose to disrupt ourselves.

That is the key. We must choose to disrupt ourselves so we are on the cutting edge instead of the bleeding edge.

Too many are comfortable and refrain from drastically changing anything in their life until they have to. That doesn’t work in today’s world. To wait until you get the layoff notice is inviting disaster.

You have probably heard the old question. “When is the best time to plant a tree?

The answer is “20 years ago.”

“What is the second best time to plant a tree?”

That answer is, “Today.”

Planting a tree today is choosing to disrupt your life so that you will have shade and fruit in the future when you need it. Planting requires disrupting your comfort and then disrupting the soil and even disrupting the tree in order to disrupt your future.

But notice that is a choice. Relying on the winds of fate to blow a seed into your back yard and plant it exactly where you want it is a fantasy.

The foundation of disruptive leadership is choosing to seize the world-changing opportunities.

Are you choosing to pursue world-changing opportunities?

Or are you willing to become a victim of the AI transformation?



Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


I work with leaders and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. One of the ways I help clients is by guiding them through my Disruptive Opportunity Challenge.  Begin the process today by contacting me.

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