Are You On Track to Meet Your Disruptive Goals?

The end of the first quarter is coming this week. Are you on track to meet your disruptive goals?

Those who follow me appreciate my passion for doing the impossible and helping others do what they never imagined. In this post, we pause to assess the progress we have made so far this year.

In this assessment, I’ll ask several questions that I use in my executive coaching. Answering these questions at this time and being completely honest will help you stay on the best track to achieve your disruptive success.

First, Where Did You Start?

The end of the first quarter is a good time to look back and recognize where you started. Look back and appreciate the intensity you had and where you were when you started.

  • What do you remember most fondly about the very beginning?
  • What challenges did you forecast?

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Second, Where do You want to Ultimately End

The end of the first quarter is also a good time to stop and remember where you ultimately want to end up. Too many get into a big project and run into complications that cause them to shift their focus.

  • Is this still where you want to end up?
  • If so, do you still have the drive to get there?

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Third, Where did You Expect to Be at this Point?

Expectations often shape our perception of success or failure. Looking back, where did you expect to be at this point in the year or the venture?

  • Did you have specific expectations?
  • Do you think they were realistic?

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Fourth, Where are you now?

Take an honest look and assess your progress compared to where you started and where you expected to be at this point.

  • Are you where you expected to be?
  • From what you have learned, is this good or bad?

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Fifth, What Adjustments do You Need to Make?

Once you know where you are in comparison to where you think you should be to reach your ultimate goal, that is the time to make any adjustment necessary.

  • What adjustments do you need to make?
  • Why are those adjustments necessary?

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Loren Murfield, Ph.D.


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