Do You Need A Wake Up Call?

Each of us has the power to do far more than we ever thought possible.

In every situation, we have the ability to leverage our power and lead ourselves (and our organizations) to do what others dismissed as “impossible.”

Unfortunately, too often we get lulled into complacency and compliance very ordinary results.

In those times, we need a wake up call.

“Most people live their lives as though they’re sleepers unawakened to the perception of who they really are.” David Hawkins, MD, PhD

Ask yourself 3 important questions.

  1. Have I been cruising through life and not really thinking about what you ultimately want?
  2. Have I been in your job so long that you are lowering your standards?” (Maybe you even feel things are getting stale.)
  3. Have my ideas been dismissed or ignored so long that you have given up on making significant changes?”

If so, you need a wake up call.


I can help you think bigger and reach higher with one, 15 minute, wake up call. Email me ( to set an appointment and learn the details.

No pressure. No obligation. No cost.

I’m committed to helping individuals and organizations do what others never thought possible. I believe you can do far more than what you are currently doing without much more effort. If you agree, contact me today.

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Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

I work with leaders and organizations think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. Begin the process today by contacting me. 

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