5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business in the Next 5 Years

The disruption is coming. It won’t be just a minor change but a radical change that radically alters the way we see the world. That disruption will cause many tremendous pain. The question we must ask is, “Will you be on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge of that disruption?”

Those that follow me know I work to help individuals and organizations think bigger and reach higher to do what others never thought possible. This includes creating a cutting-edge culture that engages and empowers teams to become disruptive leaders and delivers the desired innovation. When we take the effort to care and connect, we can collaborate and create the ultimate performance, production and profits, we are the ones creating the disruptive innovation, not being disrupted.  

NOTE: Leading with the power of compassion means focusing on disruption. Disruption is pain for those who are not prepared but pleasure for those who are willing to change perspectives, think bigger and reach higher.

5 Trends

I see five general trends that will disrupt every business in the next five years. Narrowing the choice to five was not easy because there are many trends that we need to be aware of. The five I’ve chosen are particularly appropriate because they apply to all of business.

Take the Disruptive Opportunity Challenge

In this post, I provide an overview of each as an introduction to a separate post on each. As always, my purpose in introducing these trends is to help you mentally prepare by tracking the trend and forecasting the opportunity. When we as leaders can prepare our teams for the coming pain, we can create a cutting-edge culture that creates the disruption, not be displaced by it.

This may surprise you. Whether you see these trends as right, wrong or indifferent doesn’t matter. The trends are happening, whether you agree with them or not.

That might not sound very compassionate but it is. The pain I’m trying to help alleviate is that disruption is coming and many are not prepared. It is better to wake up now than live with our heads in the sand and be surprised later. Being proactive trumps being reactive.

Become a Disruptive Leader

1. Technology Displacing Jobs

A.I. and Automation are developed to the point that in the next decade we will see a tremendous loss of jobs in the U.S. and worldwide. As leaders, we must anticipate a radical change in the future of work.

Build a Breakthrough Team

2. Growing Consumer Involvement

We all have more power as consumers and companies are realizing how much power customers really have. As leaders, we must anticipate a shift in the way we operate our companies to maintain and grow.

Listen Effectively

3. Generational Shift

The Millennials are now the largest generation in the workplace. Gen Z is quickly following. We must embrace the changes they will bring or find ourselves on the outside looking in.

4. Growing Fractionalization

The current polarization in politics and culture will continue. As leaders, one of the most difficult tasks will be to recognize the trend and see our opportunities to be peacemakers.

Need a Speaker or Facilitator?

5. Collaborative Leadership

With the Millennials and Gen Z emerging, leadership must become more engaging and collaborative. That will be the key to disruptive innovation. Will you as a leader be up for the challenge?

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