7 Lessons from that Historic Breakthrough that we can use to Create Ours

This week we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America.  The 1776 Declaration of Independence was historic because it replaced old world monarchies with the voice of the individual. Over 200 years later, their actions have inspired many others to do what would have otherwise been impossible.

In that same way, the current world of rapid and radical change allows individuals even more power to create their individual and organizational breakthrough. That means we can disrupt our lives if we follow a similar pattern to what our Founding Fathers and Mothers did. By following their example, we can also do what we never thought possible.

Those who follow me know that I work with individuals and organizations to think bigger and reach higher to do what others don’t think is possible. That involves anticipating the pain by tracking the trends and forecasting the opportunities. Toward that goal my wife and I have written two books that clients use to create a cutting-edge culture of disruptive innovation. (The ROI of Compassion, 2018, and LEADING with the POWER of COMPASSION, to be released later this month.)

Here are 7 Lessons that will help create our historic breakthrough.

First, they were Bold.

They dared to challenge the world’s most powerful government. That is scary and impressive. Most will never challenge anyone stronger than them. Few dare to do what others think is impossible.

Be Bold. What seemingly impossible challenge will take?

Second, they built a Team.

Remember, it is called the “UNITED” States of America. They reached out to other colonies against a common enemy. Their unity was not perfect but like any winning team it was enough to be successful.

How will you build your team to take on that bold challenge?

Third, they planned. 

They planned their approach and specific actions. Sometimes they reacted but most of the time they had a strategy and that is how they eventually won.

What is your strategy to break through?

Fourth, they took action.

They traveled to meet together, debated the best approach before writing and signing the document. Then they took action building support, raising money and an army as well as fostering foreign support. As a group and as individuals they took one action after another. Breakthroughs are only possible if the right action is taken in a way that it can be successful.

What actions do you need to take to breakthrough?

Fifth, they sacrificed.

The revolution cost many their very lives, fighting for their freedom. Although it didn’t cost any of the signers their lives, it did cost them financially.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your breakthrough?

Sixth, they persevered.

Signing the Declaration of Independence didn’t end the battle. If anything, it amplified it. Revolutionary heroes had to keep going even when they felt like quitting or when others thought they were done.

How do you plan to keep going when you don’t feel like it?

Seventh, they inspired those that would follow them.

Great things don’t just happen when one person acts. Instead, breakthroughs inspire other breakthroughs. We cannot celebrate our independence today without recognizing all those who have gone before us, broke through and inspired us to do the same. We are free because others have fought for their freedom and that inspires us.

Who will you inspire to break through? 




Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

I work with leaders and organizations think bigger and reach higher to find breakthrough success. This is a process that I can help you learn. Begin the process today by contacting me. 

Start learning how you can engage employees during their most traumatic moments in our newly revised and just released book, “The ROI of COMPASSION.” Watch for the formal release of our new book, “Leading with the Power of Compassion” later this month.

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