How will an Increased Customer Sense of Entitlement Disrupt Your Business?

Transparency and customer engagement drive business today. It is a trend that is already greatly impacting businesses and will continue to grow. If you think you can hide, you are in for a big surprise.

This is the third post in a series detailing the 5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business within the next 5 Years. Earlier we discussed “How will Technology Disrupt your Work?” In this post, we examine how an increased sense of customer entitlement will challenge us very quickly.

Murfield Coaching works to help individuals and organizations think bigger and reach higher to do what others never thought possible. This often includes creating a culture of compassion to engage and empower teams to become disruptive leaders. When we take the effort to care and connect, we can collaborate and create the ultimate performance, production and profits. 

The Trend

There was a day that doesn’t seem that long ago where we didn’t have much of a voice. Maybe that was because we didn’t have Smart Phones or the Internet or even email. I know, for some of you that seems ancient but that was only 30 years ago. (Not that long in the history of the world.) That technology has given each of us a voice where once we had none.

Think about what it was like. If we received poor customer service, what did we do? We could tell our friends but only by talking to them in person or via a landline, rotary dial phone. We could write to the newspaper hoping it would be published.

But today everything has changed. If we are dissatisfied, we can tweet, blog or post. We can post a video of the bad service or even go live while at the business location. If our post has the right reaction, it can go viral. Where once we had no voice, today we have a very powerful voice.

Take the Disruptive Opportunity Challenge

So What?

As business professionals, this should scare us.


Because we can no longer hide from bad reviews. Customers can now dictate how we run our business with the threat of walking away and taking other customers with us.

That should frighten everyone of us, even if we don’t own the company. Even as an employee, our jobs are on the line. One bad day could spoil years of work.

That sounds harsh. Am I exaggerating? Just ask United Airlines. They are still reeling the viral video of a doctor being beaten and dragged off the plane for no fault of his own.

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An Example

Let’s look at our own behavior.

When was the last time you were very disappointed in a service provider?

  • Did you send out a tweet? Post? Blog?
  • Did you message your friends?
  • When did you send it?
  • Did you post a negative review?

I recently returned from a business trip to Las Vegas and went to a highly rated restaurant. They pride themselves on perfection so we anticipated legendary service. Unfortunately, they fell short on several points. The wine arrived after the food course, my salmon was dry despite specific instructions for a medium heat and the waiter was not to be found. What did I do? I drew their attention to it at the time and then posted on the 3rd party reservation site. Of course, you notice I’m also writing about it. I’m being nice and not mentioning the name of the restaurant because you would recognize it. However, most won’t be that nice.

What would you have done?

Notice the power we have as consumers?

Learn to Listen Effectively

Capitalizing on the Trend

So what can we do to capitalize on this trend?

Engage your customers. See them as part of your company. That doesn’t mean just adding them to your email list so you can blast out the special offers. No, engage them. Listen to their pain. Then come alongside of them to alleviate that pain. Work to build a collaboration that creates raving fans.

Two nights before we had reservations at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House in Las Vegas. The experience was phenomenal with attentive servers that anticipated our needs. They didn’t just drop off the appetizer, entree or dessert but double checked to ensure each was as desired. This was the service we expected. So we left a good tip, posted a 5 star review and brag about it to anyone who will listen. Notice I mentioned the name here.

How are you capitalizing on this trend?

Become a Disruptive Leader

Going Farther

But the involvement goes much farther than a review. Engage your customers in product development. Identify their pain by asking them what they want and don’t want. Engage them with ideas of how to make your products or services better. Give them a voice in your business because they already have one.

How much power are you giving your customers?

We believe Compassion is the best business model and practice because coming alongside to alleviate customer pain unleashes the ultimate performance, production and profits.

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