How will the Trend of a Generational Shift affect your Workplace? (For Gen Y and Z)

How can Gen Y and Z find their best opportunities in the current workplace?

This is the second half of the previous post where we discussed how tapping the generational shift can help older workers find disruptive opportunities. This is part of my series detailing the 5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business within the next 5 Years. Earlier we discussed “How will Technology Disrupt your Work?” 

Murfield Coaching works to help individuals and organizations think bigger and reach higher to do what others never thought possible. This often includes creating a culture of compassion to engage and empower teams to become disruptive leaders. When we take the effort to care and connect, we can collaborate and create the ultimate performance, production and profits. 

Here are 7 things you can do as a member of Gen Y or Z that will help you find your ultimate opportunity.

Learn to Listen Effectively

First, Collaborate.

I said the same thing in the earlier post to the older workers. Work to build a spirit of collaboration. Yes, you can’t wait to your turn. No one is disagreeing with that. However, all of those who have come before you have waited their turn. Yes, we also understand that you are not used to waiting. But please, work with those who have come before you. Drop the attitude and embrace the differences. You might even be surprised that working with them will provide the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Become a Disruptive Leader

Second, Diversify Your World.

You have your own world that is pretty cool. Why hang out with those old folks? I know I get it because I’m one of those old folks that you don’t want to work with much less hang with. But consider this. There is a lot of shortcuts you can learn from older workers. Why re-invent the wheel or any other thing? Tap their knowledge and experience by asking about their world. Learn what it took for them to make it. While you won’t have to live entirely in that world, there are lessons you can learn from making their world a part of yours.

Build a Breakthrough Organization

Third, Show Up.

You won’t find any opportunities if you don’t show up. The biggest complaint from the older generations have toward Millennials and Gen Z is that they expect too much without providing the effort.

Build a Breakthrough Organization

Fourth, Ask for Opportunities to Stretch their Thinking.

Amazing things happen when you ask. If you try to take them, others resist. But when you ask in a nice way, often others are willing to give you what you want.

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