What Opportunities will you find in the Growing Trend of Extreme Disagreement?

What happened to negotiation or compromise? Everyone seems to have an extreme opinion on every topic. It doesn’t matter whether it is religion. politics, or any other issue.

What opportunities can you find in the growing trends of extreme disagreement, otherwise called fractionalization?

This is the fifth post in a series detailing the 5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business within the next 5 Years. In recent posts we have examined the technology driven disruption, increased customer demands, how Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials could capitalize on the generational shift. In this post, we examine how extreme disagreement, or fractionalization, will create opportunities to disrupt.

Murfield Coaching works to help individuals and organizations think bigger and reach higher to do what others never thought possible. This often includes tracking the trends to forecast opportunities. One of those trends creates a culture of compassion to engage and empower teams to become disruptive leaders. When we take the effort to care and connect, we can collaborate and create the ultimate performance, production and profits. 


It doesn’t take a PhD to convince you that our world has been divided into several, very opinionated groups. Our ability to compromise and collaborate has been greatly reduced as our opinions have grown into unwavering ideological beliefs. While I believe there is far more to gain by collaborating, there are incredible opportunities you can tap by focus on the market niche of those factions. Below are six areas where you may find disruptive opportunities. Each of these areas deserve much more discussion. For now, use these questions to help identify your disruptive opportunities.


It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you support to know that there seems to be no compromise in political support. You are either on one side or the other. While that is often unpleasant, there is tremendous opportunity for making more money. By choosing a side, you can cater to the particular ideology and support.

  • Which side do you support?
  • What issues do you favor?
  • What services or products can you provide that assist them in the efforts?
  • How can you be the peacemaker or show each side how to work together?

Build a Breakthrough Organization


Our world is torn apart with individuals claiming their rights and one group pitted against another group. This creates a increasing tension but also an opportunity to focus on that niche. The choices are identical to the previous group.

  • Which side do you support?
  • What issues do you favor?
  • What services or products can you provide that assist them in the efforts?
  • How can you be the peacemaker or show each side how to work together?

Build a Breakthrough Organization


Never before have we had the ability to connect instantly with so many people around the globe. This has fostered division as those once isolated people can now connect with like-minded individuals outside of their immediate area.

  • What niche group do you want to connect with virtually?
  • How can you help them further connect or mobilize around their mission?
  • What products and service do they need that you offer?

Build a Disruptive Team Through Diversity


With the technology and cultural disruptions, our social norms are changing quickly. Traditions that have stood for decades or even centuries are now being shattered. While you might not like the change, that does create new opportunities for products and services.

  • What norms/traditions are being shattered that you notice?
  • What do people need in building new traditions?
  • What products or services do you have or can you create in the adjustment period.

Become a Disruptive Leader


There used to be a sense of public and private decorum. That is pretty well gone or at least rapidly waning. However, there are many opportunities when we look at those who want to rise above the fray and communicate effectively.

  • How can you be a great example of civil communication?
  • How can you foster civil communication in your team?
  • What products and services can you provide that help people communicate better?

Learn to Listen Effectively


Despite the many ways to connect virtually, there is an epidemic of loneliness. Oddly enough, the more people spend time online, the more they feel left out. Part of this comes with social judging by others and by ourselves. We see what others are posting and measure ourselves against the public image they project. Right or wrong, a number of people don’t feel included.

Maybe that is why the suicide rate has climbed significantly. We lose over 20 U.S. veterans a DAY. We lose 80 individuals between 16 and 24 each week. Women between 45 and 65 are the most vulnerable while men over 65 are especially vulnerable. There is tremendous opportunity to offer products and services to help the trend of loneliness and suicide.

  • What services can you provide to connect those who feel disconnected?
  • What services can you create to prevent suicide?
  • What products or services can you provide for the families of those who have died?

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