Have You Noticed the Growing Trend of Collaborative Leadership

Competition used to be the dominant business model. In fact, it still may be. However, if you notice, you will see an increasing trend in collaborative leadership.

This is the sixth and final post in a series detailing the 5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business within the next 5 Years. In this post, we examine how collaborative leadership will challenge us very quickly.

Murfield Coaching works to help individuals and organizations think bigger and reach higher to do what others never thought possible. This often includes creating a culture of compassion to engage and empower teams to become disruptive leaders. When we take the effort to care and connect, we can collaborate and create the ultimate performance, production and profits. 

Mark Cuban and the NBA

In a recent Inc. article, Mark Cuban addresses the trend of players working behind the scenes to build their own championship teams and negotiate record contracts. In the old world, owners would have competed and set rules against those practices. But Mark Cuban suggests a different tactic.

“This reality has changed what it is like to be an employer,” explains Cuban. “In the past, the default was that the best employees would want a long career with their employers, because that is what you did. You kept your job as long as you could. No longer. Now the onus is on employers to keep their best employees happy.” ”

Cuban understands the trends we have discussed in previous posts on the generational shift, technology, customers, and fractionalization. He notices the problems of trying to compete with employees instead of collaborate with them. He also knows that he business and others are far more productive when it is filled with happy workers.

4 Leadership Behaviors

The Harvard Business Review surveyed CEO’s and determined four collaborative leadership skills.

First, they connect people. You have read it before on this site, communication is the life blood of any great organization. Without that connection, the competition cuts the leader off from the human resources they need to create disruptive innovation.

Take the Disruptive Opportunity Challenge

Second, they engage diversity. Disruption doesn’t happen when we are content following what we have done before. We need that diversity of thought. What better way to create that diversity of thinking than by hiring team members who think differently.

Build Your Team with Diversity

Third, they build what I call a cutting-edge culture. We all know that organizational culture starts at the top. HRB lists one of the four collaborative skills as collaborating at the top. That means executives model collaboration for the rest of the organization.

Become a Disruptive Leader

Fourth, they maintain the integrity of collaboration. Too many take collaboration too far and acquiesce to employees, giving up too much. Collaboration means pooling your resources to solve the significant problem. Collaboration doesn’t mean caving to all of team members requests. It requires a spirit of camaraderie where each willingly offers their best. Remember, collaboration is a win-win. Don’t let collaboration become a win-lose competition.

Build a Breakthrough Organization

You can choose to be the collaborative leader and be on the cusp of this emerging trend or choose to stand by and watch others build stronger and more productive teams. Imagine the disruptive opportunities you can seize with a shift from competition to collaboration.

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