Freaky Far Out Idea – Skip the Problem

I know. It sounds too simple doesn’t it.

Freaky Far Out Friday features a crazy idea that might just solve your persistent problem. In this inaugural post, we focus on the crazy idea of simply skipping the problem.

Got a bad attitude because something isn’t going right.

Ignore it.

That’s right. Simply ignore the problem.

“But I can’t do that.”

Why not?

“It’s not that easy?”

Why not? Seriously, reconsider your options. Many times we can just skip over the problem. Let me explain.

Why Not?

Recently I was co-directing a play that I had written. Things were not going well with the sound engineer and I was not getting answers. Since my name was all over the event, I was extremely concerned this was going to end in an embarrassing mess. So I was stressed, angry and not hiding it at all. One thing after another was going wrong. I finally found out that the problem started with them bringing fewer microphones than requested.

So how can I just skip the problem?

My co-director said, “let’s go without microphones.”

“But we haven’t rehearsed projecting.”

“So what. We just do it.”

And we did. The theater wasn’t that big and most people didn’t have a problem. In the end, the play was a success.

Now imagine if I had taken that attitude earlier, as one of our cameo actors suggested. It would have transformed my attitude and made a huge difference in the attitude of each of the actors. In the end, that crazy idea would have made the experience a lot more fun.

In the end, it has changed my perspective for the future. By just skipping the problem, we found that we don’t need the efforts and expense of a sound vendor next year. Not only that, we are solving other persistent problems with the production. We are reducing cast members and the number of rehearsals we need. We are limiting the size of the audience and all of those actions will increase the joy of creating and performing.

Your Take-Away

Imagine what can happen in your team and leadership when you have the freaky far out idea to just skip the problem.

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