Thinking Bigger Tuesday: Engage Your Employees

The Sharing Economy yields the best results when leaders build authentic relationships based on caring. It comes down to this simple message: we will not share if we do not care.

Unfortunately, most leaders don’t seem to care. No wonder so many workers are disengaged.

In this post we are challenging you to think bigger and change your priorities as a leader. Begin caring for your team. Come alongside of them to alleviate their pain. In the process, you will unleash the ultimate performance, production and profits. It is a process that requires us to think bigger and reach higher.

Murfield Coaching is dedicated to solving persistent problems with innovative thinking. The problem of employee disengagement is one of the most pressing problems facing business today.

The Problem

A 2017 Gallup Poll found 67% of workers disengaged. The lack of caring indicates a loss of loyalty and the failure to connect. In the Sharing Economy, that means an irrelevance of the brand. Without loyalty to employees and customers, without caring for our team, your team will not care about you. You are just an employer, just another source for a paycheck. In Age of Global Competition, companies have become a commodity where price and convenience wins.  Customers and employees now have choices they never had before. That means that there has been a power shift. Where once the employers held the power, now the individual does. That doesn’t bode well for uncaring companies.

The Solution

So innovative leaders are doing something radical – they are caring. They care about their customers, employees, vendors and community. They care about who they are and what they are interested in. They care about their career aspirations and about their interpersonal frustrations. They care about their well being and their future. They care about their success and their suffering, their triumphs and their tragedies.

And what is their success?  Where once turnover was expected, now there is a waiting list. Where once they had disengaged employees, now they have willing collaborators. Where once they monitored expenses, now they all work as a team toward the same goal.

 This is a radical change but so is the Digital Age. Organizations, leaders and entrepreneurs realize they cannot succeed next year with last year’s approach. Life is moving too fast. To thrive they must do what others refuse to do.  Radical success demands a radical approach – and the elite have found what works. They have found the secret is being compassionate to their customers and employees. 

Compassionate leadership is a disruptive force in the marketplace. It is the energy of the future because it is renewable, sustainable and profitable.

Compassionate leadership is a disruptive force in the marketplace. It is the energy of the future because it is renewable, sustainable and profitable. Those organizations not converting to this power will find themselves too soon antiquated, invisible and inconsequential. That will be their eulogy.

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What is Required?

But making this transformation will not be easy. Developing a compassionate culture will cause a disruption akin to changing from manual digital operations. It is not just a tweak or a change but a revolutionary transformation in the essence of who we are. It requires a 180-degree turnaround. Where we once operated outside-in with a 2D “bark and jump” management model, we now find a 3D “inside-out” model of compassionate collaboration fostering the best success.

That is what we all want, isn’t it?  Don’t we all strive for the ultimate performance, production and profits?  Isn’t that why we are in business? 

Unfortunately, that is too big of a leap for many. They will continue to operate in an outdated “they should just perform” mentality that believes “that what we pay them to do.” While I agree that employees should deliver their best effort, that isn’t the way it works any more.

That means, we as leaders must adapt. We must think bigger and reach higher, making the effort to notice their pain, feel for them and then strategize how we can alleviate their pain. Of course, then we must take the right action at the right time.

If we don’t adapt, we are the ones who will suffer with poor performance, production and profits. Facing those options, we have no choice but to think bigger and reach higher.

The Result

When we do think bigger and reach higher in leading with compassion, we will succeed by sharing the suffering of our customers, employees, vendors and community.  As we care to share their suffering, we help them alleviate their pain, and that unleashes the ultimate performance, production and profits. When they win, we as an organization win. That is what we are all after. 

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