Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: “Leading with the Power of Compassion”

Why should you read our new book? Why did we take the time to write it?

Those that have read these posts before know that Murfield Coaching exists for one reason – to help you solve significant problems with innovative thinking. But you may not know why we are so passionate about compassionate leadership as the solution to so many modern business problems.

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The problems we face in business and in life are almost always tied to someone in pain. Sometimes it is our pain.

Pain is usually focused on the severe discomfort from losing something or someone important to us. Pain hurts. Actually, let’s be honest. Pain sucks. None of us want it. At least, that that severe pain.

In the book we detail 10 levels of destructive pain. It is crucial that we as leaders focus on their pain.

Then we go on to detail how pain can be productive. I know that sounds crazy but that is the importance of this book. When we help alleviate our team’s pain (employees, customers, vendors, etc.) we find our gain.


If you have read, “The ROI of Compassion” (Revised in 2018), you know that we wrote that book following my 22 year old son’s suicide. We were struck at how well his employer handled the situation and wondered how others reacted to employee trauma. In our research, we found many did not have a clue. We doubt we would have prior to our trauma. So we compiled case studies, check lists and resources to serve as a resource guide for managers in the difficult times caused by extended illnesses, deaths following extended illnesses, sudden deaths such as suicide, trauma from natural disasters and terrorism.

While we found that book incredibly valuable, it focused on reactive strategy. We knew that to be on the cutting edge, leaders needed to be proactive. At the same time, we quickly realized that one of the most pressing problems leaders face today is disengaged employees. Noticing our own work experience, the review of literature and our research with leaders, we recognized most disengagement comes in a poor relationship with an employee’s supervisor or manager. The problem almost always comes down to the employee feeling like the supervisor and even the company does not notice or care about their pain.

In our new book, “Leading with the Power of Compassion” we detail how compassion is the best business strategy and practice to deliver the ultimate performance, production and profits.


When leaders think about power, they likely view it like my first book, “Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Business.” Corvettes have far more power than one needs to drive on a typical day. But it has all we want. Unfortunately, most are content with their under-powered “Chevette” world when they could lead “Corvette Lives.” They don’t realize how much power they could have if they were willing to assert themselves.

In my second book, “Making Money in Tough Times” I detailed how we needed a paradigm shift. Written in 2009 amidst the recession, I saw that those who thrived cared most for those around them. It wasn’t the “Manifest Destiny” leaders who raped, pillaged and plundered because they believed it was their right as a leader but those who followed the “Golden Rule Paradigm.”

At the core of this paradigm shift rests two very different views of power. One wields power while the other leverages it. Compassion is the best business strategy because it leverages the power of an engaged team. Compassion taps that energy by caring. That energy drives their willingness to share their abilities. As they share, they will find opportunities to grow their authority and enhance their influence. No one has looked at power like that before. We knew that those understanding our mission to share the power of compassion would appreciate reading it.


In the end, we all read books to solve your persistent problems, not just gain information. We write to help you lead in a way that you get the best results (i.e. the best performance and production from your team so you can maximize profits.)

Compassionate Leadership examines the pain at the three levels of any organization from the executive (strategic) level to the managerial (operational) level to the staff (tactical) level. Compassion is critical when leading any of these three levels. Each has unique pain and caring enough to notice, feel, think and act in the best way to alleviate their pain will leverage the most power to get the best results.

In the end, “Leading with the Power of Compassion” equips leaders with the knowledge and motivation to shift paradigms by coming alongside employees, customers, vendors and the general public to alleviate their pain.

  • Imagine the joy and loyalty of your customers when you care enough to alleviate their pain.
  • Imagine the dedication of your team when you take the initiative to notice and feel their pain before working to alleviate it.
  • Imagine the attention your vendors will give you when you recognize their pain and show them how you can help alleviate their pain and still get what you need.
  • Imagine the general public and how your reputation will grow when they hear of how your approach business to alleviate pain.

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