What is Your Unique Value?

“Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.

Kallam Anji Reddy

What is your unique value as a leader? What does each of your team members provide that make them uniquely valuable.

Thinking Bigger Tuesday is part of my new blog post schedule that challenges you to expand your thinking in a way that provides your breakthrough, disruptive innovation. Today we are challenging you to think beyond the job title and even beyond the role or job function to find the unique value of each team member.

Your Prize Inside

Most individuals work outside-in thinking the world is right-side up. No wonder they are upside down. They fail to fully grasp their unique value and miss incredible opportunities because they did not realize their ultimate value. Most everyone identify their talents but fail to fully appreciate their uniqueness and ultimate value to customers, employers and the community.

Whenever I’m in a business meeting with other professionals, I’m listening for what makes them uniquely valuable. Often during introductions, both private and public presentations, someone is introduced with their business title and what service they provide.

That leaves me a bit frustrated. Why?

It is great knowing what they do but I want to know what separates them from all their competitors.

Some do that in their elevator pitch or marketing slogan. But can’t we think bigger? Isn’t there something even more valuable?

Take the 90 Minute Unique Value Challenge

The Problem of Competition

The problem is that many don’t see their unique value. They only know the job they do and the title they have. That is a serious problem because they have competitors that do the same thing.

They don’t know the unique value they offer. Therefore, they don’t know how they stand out. Maybe the biggest problem is that they do NOT stand out. They are no better than any of the competitors.

No wonder they view the world of business as a bloody sea infested with hungry sharks.

Become a Disruptive Leader

Think Bigger

Instead of beginning with “Hi, my name is . . .”, begin with a provocative question or quote. Notice the quote at the beginning of this article. Because my unique value is helping my clients think bigger and reach higher to solve persistent problems, I chose a provocative quote.

Blue Ocean Strategy (2015) by Kim and Mauborgne is a great book to challenge our thinking. Instead of swimming in the bloody waters, go to the blue ocean of opportunity. To swim in those waters, we need to recognize the unique value we provide to our customers.

Within the next month I will release a new book, “The Prize Inside” that is fictitious story of a little boy who struggles to find his unique value. He was tired of living in his older brother’s shadow.

Many of us can relate. We are so accustomed to living the life and running the business the way others tell us that we have not discovered or have forgotten what makes us uniquely human and valuable. Corporate business in their highly structured, repeatable processes often strip our uniqueness away. Employees with names are relegated to “talent” or positions.

While that was understandable in the old industrial paradigm of doing business, it doesn’t work in the digital age of transparency , authenticity and world wide competition. With an ever increasing tendency, customers want to identify with a business that shares their values. How can they do that if you don’t know your unique value?

Your Prize Inside

As an executive coach, I work with clients to see their value beyond their title and job description or even business label.

You can begin to sense your value with the following 3 questions.

  • What specific problem do you help others solve?
  • How do you solve the problem better, faster or cheaper than your competitors or co-workers?
  • Why do your loyal customers keep coming back? (Why does your boss continue to employ you?)

These three will help you begin. To fully grasp your Prize Inside, contact me today. I have 2 coaching programs that can help you and your team stand out from the competition.

Take the 90 Minute Unique Value Challenge

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