Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: Stephen R. Covey’s “The 8th Habit”

I wished I would have written “The 8th Habit.” But I didn’t. Stephen Covey did. I also wished I would have read this book in high school. But it wasn’t written yet. Never the less, it is that powerful. Let me share why.

Why Not Wednesday is part of our new Blog post schedule. Those that follow Murfield Coaching appreciate that we solve significant problems through innovative thinking. We work to magnify your unique value, not replicate what others do. That requires innovative thinking to solve significant problems. Our clients most appreciate our emphasis on building employee engagement, alleviating employee trauma, and unleashing disruptive innovation. Our research shows that innovation occurs most often within a cutting-edge organizational culture. That begins with the individual looking inside.

From Effectiveness to Greatness

Like many, I was raised to be a good employee, citizen and community member. Effectiveness was emphasized over greatness. But as I returned to college I was exposed to a new level of thinking that fostered doing what others never thought possible. I began to dream, plan and work toward greatness. I apologize if that sounds arrogant. That is not my intent. When we begin to see the opportunities available in this digital world, we naturally begin to appreciate how far each of us can reach. Those that follow me know that thinking bigger and reaching higher is at the heart of everything I do.

In the process of my development, I came to appreciate Steven Covey’s “7 Habits for Highly Effective People” because it detailed the process of moving from dependence to independence and then to interdependence. As I was teaching MBA students, I found Covey’s follow-up book, “The 8th Habit.” I liked it even more.



He discusses finding our voice. Voice, he says, “is unique personal significance” that is a combination of talent, need, conscience and passion. Each of us has a talent (gifts and strengths) as well as passion (that which naturally energizes us). There is a need (what the world around us needs) and then that still small voice inside of us that we call conscience. He sums it up quite well,

“When you engage in work that taps your talent and fuels your passion – that arises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet – therein lies your voice, your calling, your soul’s code.” (p. 5).

Finding My Voice

Covey provides great information in “The Eighth Habit” but the book becomes great because it is disruptive. It allowed me to embrace my own greatness by challenging me to shift paradigms. Instead of obeying in an “outside-in” model, I can do great things that make the world significantly better by finding my voice within my talent, passion, the world’s need and my conscience. That is why I wrote and am releasing “The Prize Inside” early next month. That is also why I wrote and am releasing “Leading with the Power of Compassion” early next week.

“The 8th Habit” took me to a new level by helping me find my voice. For that, I recommend it.

Finding Your Prize Inside

However, I recognize that many do not read books, especially 400 page books like “The 8th Habit.” So I wrote “The Prize Inside” which is a 100 page parable about a little boy who overcame his doubts to do something significant. I also created my 90 Unique Value Challenge that expands upon the four step model to help others find what sets them apart.

Please don’t read that last paragraph as an advertisement. Instead see it as part of the process. A good book changes lives. “The 8th Habit” introduced me to a concept that I desperately needed. I now know what sets me apart from other executive coaches, motivational speakers and business consultants. I recognize disruptive opportunities and threats from both an outside-in and an inside-out perspective. I embrace what others dismiss or cannot see. Imagine what that does for my clients.

But enough about me. All of that is to say, if that book opened up possibilities for me, what can it do for you?

My passion is helping individuals (and then organizations) do what they never thought possible. I want to help people lead lives of significance where they enjoy every day and make the world a better place. That is why I write, not primarily to sell books or get clients, but to make a difference in your life, career and world. When I lay my head down for the last time, I won’t be thinking of the money I made or didn’t make. I’ll be thinking of the relationships I built and the good that I have done.

Email me (Loren@MurfieldCoaching.com) today if I can help you find your voice. If you are a reader, buy the book. If not, contact me and I can help you through one of my programs. Remember, I have a free 15 minute call. Just email me to set the appointment. Whatever you do, find your voice. It is that important.

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