Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: Randy Gage’s “Risky is the New Safe.”

I love the title.

It is not a complex book and doesn’t take much time to read. But it shifted my thinking. Here’s why.

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The reason I recommend this book is that it changed the way I thought. Like many, I always believed the rules that I had been taught and that those rules didn’t change.

I was wrong.

Randy Gage nailed it with the title. In this world of rapid and radical change, the riskiest thing we can do is to play it safe.

Think about it. If everyone else is moving ahead rapidly and you are standing still, it doesn’t take long and you are far behind. You didn’t move but everyone else did.

The rules have changed.

  • Has your thinking changed?
  • Do you still believe playing it safe is the best way to ensure your success?
  • What risks do you need to take to solve those persistent problems?

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