Freaky Far Out Friday Crazy Idea: Just Do It

Yesterday we discussed Jia Jiang’s 100 Days of rejection challenge. Today we consider that crazy idea of just doing it.

Maybe Nike had it right. Sure we can train or plan or study or prepare more. But at some point we just need to do it.

Quit complaining.

Quit worrying.

Quit procrastinating.

Just do it.

Does that sound crazy? If so, think back to a time where you keep putting off doing something. Remember how the waiting and planning made you feel. Now look back and ask yourself a serious question, “Could you have done it sooner with the same results?”

Sure there is times where we need to wait or need to develop things further. But aren’t there also many times where our waiting was simply procrastination or worrying?

The crazy idea for today is consider just doing it. Quit procrastinating. Quit making that “one more improvement” and do it.

I have worked with and known many people who said “the time isn’t right” or “it isn’t ready” when it really was. They might even have said, “I don’t feel like it today.”

Well here is a wild idea. When you just do it, you feel a lot better than sitting there and putting it off.

Consider the Freaky Friday Crazy idea of Just Doing It.

What significant problem are you facing where simply doing it will solve the problem?

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