Why Not Wednesday? Are you Thinking? Are you Thinking Disruptively?

My message in the post is very simple. Think disruptively to avoid the pain of forced change.

Let’s cut to the chase. If we don’t change the pattern of our thinking, we will be left behind. If we don’t willingly become uncomfortable in making a change, the forced change will make us far more uncomfortable. Think about that.

I recently attended the Synapse 2020 Conference in Tampa, where I was interviewed about disruptive thinking. Check it out.

Most of us haven’t changed our pattern of thinking since we finished high school or college.

Think about that.

Despite drastic changes in technology and culture, we still tend to think with the same process as we have most of our lives. We get into a routine, adopt a pattern, and get into a rut. Then we stay there.

“If it works, why change it?”

Good point but what happens when it doesn’t work?

“Why would it quit working?”

The world changes. Horses are reliable but do you really want to settle for riding a horse when you have a car or an airplane. To get to where we need to go in the global culture, we can’t operate the way we used to. We must change, even if the old way is still comfortable.

That means becoming uncomfortable.

“But I don’t like that. I like to be comfortable.”

Sure we do but it will be far more painful if when we are forced to change. Forced change means frustration, pain, and even failure. It’s no fun when we expect something to work and it doesn’t. Cars should start. Refrigerators should run. Our processes should work.

We can avoid that pain, frustration, and failure by being proactive, changing our thinking before we have to. Besides, that’s where we find the most opportunities.

Forced change is usually painful, if not traumatic.

Let’s avoid the trauma as much as possible.

Become the disruptive thinker.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, manager, supervisor or entry level worker. We all need to disrupt our thinking before the world disrupts it.

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