Mind Shift Monday Quote: Discover the Unique Value You Provide

Most people live Outside-In

thinking the world is Right Side-Up

when it is actually Upside-Down.

It is only when we live Inside-Out,

that we turn the world Upside-Down.

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

in “The Prize Inside” (2019)

Mind Shift Monday is a weekly post by Murfield Coaching that features a powerful quote to set the tone for a week of innovative thinking.

This is a quote from my 15th book, recently released in the fall of 2019. This book is important because it helps resolve a critically important but persistent and widespread problem. Most people do not know what makes them uniquely valuable.

  • No wonder they are not engaged at work.
  • No wonder managers are frustrated with poor performance and production.
  • No wonder executives are frustrated with poor profits.

This week we will explore that question through the story of a little boy who dared to dream beyond his doubts. Let’s learn to live inside-out so we can turn the world upside-down and solve persistent problems.

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  • Mind Shift Monday features a powerful quote that sets the tone for a week of innovative thinking.
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  • Transformational Thursday explores a TED Talk on the topic of the week. These talks are likely taken from the ones I have featured in my TED Talk Think Tank mastermind for radical change over the last five years.
  • Far Out Friday features crazy ideas that just might lead to solving your persistent problem.

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