5 Messages to Prevent Panic (and Create Your Breakthrough during the Coronavirus Pandemic)

China & Italy quarantined. Travel suspended. Harvard, University of Washington and other colleges closed. Public schools closed. March Madness. Cancelled. NBA, NHL, & MLB seasons suspended. Disneyland and Disney World shut down. Stock Market crashes.

The bad news doesn’t seem to stop.

How do we keep from panicking?

Actually, it is much easier than you might think.

I am here to help alleviate your pain and keep you from panicking. I have written 16 books to help you think bigger and reach higher to create disruptive success. Two books are of particular help during this Coronavirus pandemic.  The ROI of Compassion (2018) is written as both a resource manual and a strategic tool for Human Resources professionals, Managers, and Executives facing the pain of traumatic situations. Leading with the Power of Compassion (2019) is written to help alleviate the pain of employee disengagement. In this post I focus on communicating compassion to help alleviate extreme pain that leads to panic.

Panic is caused when we fear the worst. Help your team move beyond their worst fears by stopping and thinking through this Coronavirus Pandemic. Use these message to communicate compassion and make your breakthrough success.

#1. It’s not as bad as you think.

Panic is unbridled fear. We fear what could happen. Notice that is could, not will. Officials are cancelling events because of large groups. COVID19 is spread primarily by close contact. When the infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs (and even signs) the virus is spread to anyone within 10 feet.

The good news is that at least 80% are not infected. Most of those infected will not be hospitalized. Chances are, you will be fine. That doesn’t mean you can be reckless.

Communicate this message, “With a healthy dose of precaution, you will be fine. ”

#2. This will get better.

The world is not going to end with this virus. The quarantines will end. Schools will resume. The stock market will bounce back. Even in the absolute worst of times, things got better.

Communicate this powerful and encouraging message, “This will get better.”

#3. There are incredible opportunities now.

These massive interruptions in our lives are actually great times to assess opportunities to do something new and great. For example, this may be a great opportunity to hone your skills of working remotely, breaking into a new market, or building a more cohesive team. Some individuals may find opportunities making money delivering groceries or other products. Recessions often create great new companies.

Communicate this disruptive message: “Maybe this is your breakthrough opportunity.

#4. You have choices.

Not only do we have great opportunities, but we have choices in how we react. Some react in fear because they don’t think they have a choice over their emotions. But we do. In fact, when we cannot control the outside events, the one thing we can do is choose to see the positive.

Communicate this positive and powerful message to your team, “Let’s choose to see the positive choices we have at our fingertips.”

#5. Some have it worse and they are surviving.

Often when bad things happen, we feel like it couldn’t get any worse. Look around and we often find others have it much worse and they are doing better. Hmm.

Think about that and communicate this message in a positive way. “If someone else can do that in their situation, maybe it isn’t so bad for us.”

BONUS: #6. This is a great opportunity to make us stronger.

Great teams need tough challenges to show their strength. Allow that difficulty to be the challenge that leads to your breakthrough. Seeing this as an opportunity for your breakthrough helps you to think bigger and then reach higher.

Communicate this disruptive message: “This isn’t just a difficult situation, this is our opportunity to breakthrough.”

Contact us today. We want to help you prevent panic, solve your problem, and break through in this Coronavirus Pandemic.

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